Sc0rched Earth Resets Standings And Allegedly Joins Atlas

F-EM4Q, Wicked Creek - Sc0rched Earth [BYRN] diplomats recently announced a complete standing reset. Within a few hours of the public announcement, a joint strike force comprised of [BYRN] and Atlas capsuleers was reported attacking Tau Ceti Federation's [TCF] sovereign space. During the clash in Q-GQHN and F-EM4Q solarsystems, several Tau Ceti Federation starbases were destroyed and station services damaged.

Amerame of Tau Ceti Federation confirmed their assets have come under fire and expressed his alliance's feelings regarding Sc0rched Earth's betrayal:

"I can't say that [TCF] is not disappointed by their behaviour. I believe it was a short sighted move ... We'll be back there at some point and because it is the second time Sc0rched switched sides, I don't know if anyone will trust [BYRN] again".

Sc0rched Earth's move has fueled mixed reactions among pilots. Murtas, an un-affiliated capsuleer, commented "That's a pretty long knife in TCF's back" while Graluum, an Atlas pilot, stressed there was more to the story than a simple change of sides: "[TCF] was giving BYRN a pretty raw deal... you can't really blame them." Kernog of Legion of xXDeathXx felt that there would be no going back for Sc0rched Earth: "I know only about reset [standings]... I killed [BYRN] about 2 months ago and will kill [them] now, [they will] always be neutral."

If Sc0rched Earth continue to work with Atlas, might this push other regional Alliances to their side in an effort to avoid losing territory? The Interstellar Foundry [TIFA] has already reset standings, joining BYRN in their attacks on TCF control towers. Captain Chip of TIFA stated "Our side has been chosen; it is with BYRN."

Unconfirmed reports had suggested that Tactical Narcotics Team might also join with BYRN but a statement on 09.06.111 from DR Finisher denies this. "TNT alliance are NOT backstabbers and will continue to fight beside our friends as always. We are small but we fight."

At the time of writing, the Detorid political situation remains uncertain. Interstellar Correspondents will continue monitoring the ongoing conflict and bring you updates as more information becomes available.

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