Hellcats: The Yarr Side Of New Eden's Female Capsuleers

New Eden, Metropolis - Over the last year, a close-knit group of female capsuleers known as Hellcats has managed to carve its own ground among New Eden's outlaws.

Hellcats are pirate pilots specializing in small roaming fleets and opportunity kills. Despite claiming they can gather fans even among their surprised victims, Hellcats receive no mercy because of their gender. Venom Orchid vividly describes the crude reality of her choosen profession: "We are all equal. In space, we all scream when our pod pops".

Mynxee, CEO of HellcatsPiracy is a difficult career and requires top notch piloting skills, self sufficiency, dedication and lots of training. To allow a better learning environment Hellcats caps their numbers at twenty-five pilots. Mynxee, Hellcat's CEO, explains: "Herding cats is hard... Piracy is a sea change for many, and a lot of women are a bit hesitant about committing to it".

Shae Tiann further explains her CEO's view on corporate duties: "[Hellcats] have to be willing to get down and dirty, break laws, laugh in CONCORD's face, and pick themselves up when they fall".

Joining a female-only corporation may have bright and dark sides. Shae Tiann admits she feels more confortable in male dominated atmosphere. However, she also enjoy living in a corporation where she can "let her hair down."

Venom Orchid adds that each Hellcat has her own mood. She says: "I'm loud and sarcastic, I like to lead and teach the newer cats. Mynxee is all leader, she's the alpha... but each cat gets a personality".

Hellcats usually fly along with 'The Bastards' corporation and frequently join fleets together. Kamoonga of The Bastards explains what it is like flying with a female only corp: "it's good to have some girls around .... in mostly male dominated sort of activity [it] makes a change and keeps us all [sane]".

As a measure of Hellcats "fame", Kamoonga recalls that in the fateful event of a kill, some pilots enjoy collecting Hellcats frozen corpses as a trophy. He says "i've seen several celebrations about that".

In New Eden's dynamic environment it is not uncommon that capsuleers join and leave Hellcats over time. However, they usually share positive memories about the experience. As example, Damica is an ex Hellcat that left because she had very limited time. When asked whether she would like to rejoin she proudly stated: "I will find my way back to them soon!... Their vicious, manipulative, evil drive for blood and destruction reminded me why I was made to be a pod pilot!".

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