BIG Corporation Announces Imperial Apocalypse Giveaway

In a surprising turn of events, the well-known BIG Corporation have announced that their bi-weekly lottery, long a staple in the EVE cluster, will be giving away an Imperial Apocalypse battleship as the main prize in the drawing of May 24th.

The Imperial Apocalypse, long known to represent the pinnacle of Amarrian starship engineering, was reportedly donated to the corporation by Gallente holoreel actress Martina Monterneux. Says TornSoul, CEO of BIG: “Martina approached us some time back because she had come into possession of the ship, but for reasons of her own wished to donate it to the world at large. What with herself being an avid, long-time participant in the BIG Lottery, she saw this as the perfect medium to accomplish that task.”

While no Imperial officials have been reached for comment, Amarrian Ambassador to Gallente Khifor Boraken released this statement at a press conference: “As should be common knowledge to everyone the Imperial Issue Apocalypse is not a mere trinket to be given away. It is one of the most advanced and deadly combat vessels in the history of the world, and it stands as a symbol of the Empire’s achievement in the field. We do not currently have information as to how the actress came to be in possession of our ship, but rest assured we will find out.”

Martina Monterneux, sister of the late Gloria Monterneux, tragically killed in the Elarel Pleasure Gardens massacre last month, had this to say: “That ship was part of my sister’s estate. It was bequeathed to me under her will with the full assent of Gallente law, and there is nothing in the world the Amarr can do about it.” Questioned as to how her sister came to own the Imperial-issue battleship, Ms. Monterneux declined to comment.

The ship is being held by the BIG Corporation at an undisclosed location until the time of the drawing.