Freelance Unincorporated to compile list of pod-pilot slavers

Freelance Unincorporated, a Minmatar freedom fighter corporation and member of the Ushra’Khan alliance, announced today that they will compile a list of capsule pilots actively engaged in slave trade for use of Ushra’Khan

According to Maggot, Freelance Unincorporated pilot, they will offer individuals and corporations engaged in slave trading a chance to repent first, rather then naming and shaming slavers out in the open unlike previous lists, most noteworthy those released by Gradient.

It remains to be seen what effect this has on slave trade throughout the empire territories. Although the Amarr are stoic as ever and will most likely not be swayed by threats of conflict, corporations consisting of mixed races could face trouble as their slave trading members are called on to repent for their actions.

More information will follow as we receive it.