The Search for Goran Mitelek Continues

Several weeks ago a prison convoy carrying the UDI operative Goran Mitelek, believed to have been one of the persons responsible for the attack on the Elarel Rent-a-Dream Pleasure Dome last month (“The Elarel Massacre”), was attacked en-route to the Avair Theology Council Tribunal while passing through the Ebo system deep in Amarr space.

Most of the convoy was destroyed, including the transport carrying Goran Mitelek, and the remaining debris contained only unidentifiable pieces of biomass - leading authorities to suspect that Goran Mitelek may still be alive. Amarr security forces collaborating with CONCORD have since been stopping and scanning passing ships through the Domain region for any evidence which may lead to Goran Mitelek’s whereabouts, although none has been found thus far.