BIG surprise in BIG Lottery - Imperial Armageddon

The BIG lottery, a bi-weekly event held by BIG corporation, is proud to announce their second best prize ever! This highly coveted item, the Imperial Issue Armageddon, will be handed out to the winner of the forty-second Lottery. The winner of the lottery will be announced Monday, the 20nd of December. At this time, a remarkably small amount of tickets have been sold, increasing the win chances of any that choose to participate drastically.

The Imperial Issue Armageddon was donated by WarHound of PAK, who won it in the Amarr Championships that took place last year. Although Warhound and his team, who were representing House Kador, were not blessed with victory, their leader received an Imperial Issue Armageddon for his teams' efforts and their fighting prowess. The ship itself is a marvel of technology; Amarr’s finest engineers were involved in the creation of this vessel. As a result, it is of immeasurable spiritual value to the Amarr, and of immeasurable monetary value to all others. In the words of WarHound himself:

" To any Amarr loyalist, this ship is of infinite value, both material and spiritual. But I am no such man. What good is a trophy ship to a pirate? Credits are my life, my passion, and everything has its price "

The Lottery itself is restricted to 5000 tickets per person. Buying a ticket costs 1000 isks per item purchased, which is done by sending the money to the individual BIG Games. More information, including how to view the amount of tickets you currently hold and the closing date, can be found on the BIG Lottery page.

Good luck to any that choose to participate!