'Change and positive growth' - an interview with Halseth Durn

There are always at least two sides to a conflict, and the one in Venal is no exception. Halseth Durn of Oberon-Inc came forth as the spokesperson of the newly formed alliance a few days ago, and I called upon him to provide me with his view of the events there.

Oberon corp is known to many as the progressive Amarrian industrialists on whose agenda is the abolishment of slavery, in favour of high-tech equipment. They have been in the forefront of at least two alliances, the old Syndicate-Placid Commonwealth, and the old New Venal Alliance.

Beringe : "Is it true that you were originally recruited into the alliance by Jade Constantine?"

Halseth Durn : "I wouldn't quite say recruited. I would say she "jointly sponsored" us with Robeyone of Rona corp. Shortly before this, I had been contacted by Morkt Drak who introduced me to Jade Constantine. She asked for help to bring their new alliance into the community of legitimate and lawful alliances. The NVA's struggle against great odds inspired me to throw the SPC's support behind their fledgling alliance. Shortly there after, the SPC disbanded and we joined the NVA."

Ber. : "So what did in fact happen to break up the alliance, in your view?"

Halseth : "Mostly, just a great desire for change and positive growth."

Ber. : "In what way is the new alliance (tentatively called The Northern Alliance, for now), different from the old New Venal alliance?"

Halseth : "On the surface, we have refocused our interests solely to the regions of Venal, Branch and Tenal. (Pure Blind and Deklien are no longer protectorates) We have completely re-vamped our communication and decision making infrastructures. Beneath the surface, there is a sense of newfound dedication to our connected futures. This along with the great weight of the NVA's baggage being discarded has re-invigorated the entire alliance."

Ber. : "There have been plenty of rumours surrounding the events, and one of the most persistent ones was that the new alliance was going to merge with the "Forsaken Empire", an anarchic band of pirates such as Space Invaders and Biomass Cartel. How much truth is in that rumour?"

Halseth : "Well, my memorandum to the NVA council that was recently leaked to EVE Guardian proves that is more than rumor. So lets not play coy. Yes, at one time there was an offer on the table from the FE for possible merger. However, some facts should be stated for the record.

1. At the time of the offer, the FE professed to be dropping all piratical activity.

2. The FE stated they had no desire in NVA controlled space or assets.

3. The FE representatives showed a truly genuine desire to align themselves as or with a legitimate and lawful alliance.

The proposal was discussed at length and later determined to not be in our best interests, so it was discarded."

Ber. : "So is Venal closed now? Was it ever open? "

Halseth : "Venal, is closed sovereign territory. Venal was briefly open for a short while before the war with FE began. "

Ber. : "Oberon has a reputation to uphold, both as industrialists, and as a unique Amarrian corp. Do you fear your reputation has taken a blow during this time of troubles?"

Halseth : "In fact, just the opposite! Since this episode has taken place, I have received more letters of support than I could ever have imagined. Being an Amarrian pro-technology corporation brings us friends from around the entire eve-starcluster. In fact I am pleased to report that we have just ended talks with the Amarrian corporation "Kusari Systems". And they will be joining Oberon's ranks very shortly."

Ber. : "Several corporations have been named as being in the foreground of the disbanding of Venal. In fact, there have been accusations of these corporations bypassing the democratic process, which may have caused some corporations decide to follow Jericho in stead of joining the alliance. How do you answer such accusations?"

Halseth : "These accusations are irrelevant. The corporations in question seceded from the NVA. At that time they were no longer subject to its charter or bylaws."

Ber. : "Will there be another civil war in Venal? Is Venal "cursed", like Morkt Drak says?"

Halseth : "No, there will never be another civil war. As for Mr. Drak, he also once told me that the Curse alliance would only last a week."

Ber. : "Finally, thank you for answering my questions, and the best of luck to you."

Halseth : "My pleasure Mr. Beringe, and good day to you."