Curse Alliance responds to allegations

_ CURSE: In the past few days, Minmatar in the Curse Alliance have been responding angrily to the accusations made by certain members of the Thukker Tribe and others. To delve further into this controversial issue, I called upon my good friend and associate Morkalum Takor to report on the matter from the inside of Curse. The following is the result of his work._

Recently, the media spotlight has been pointing towards the Curse Alliance that is occupying the Thukker Tribe Sovereignty within the Great Wildlands Region. Why is the Thukker tribe voicing out it's opinion so loudly to the media and its sister sovereignty, The Republic of Minmatar? Why are they verbally attacking their fellow Minmatar freedom fighters that are currently running operations alongside the CA?

At present, the Curse Alliance and Minmatar freedom fighters have been occupying the few stations that the Thukker Tribe have built within the Great Wildlands, disrupting the quiet life and traditions, which the Thukkers are so used to having. From an outsider's look, the overcrowding in Thukker stations and the causing of commotion would make the situation inevitable that a response from this faction would have to be made before the threat of being overrun becomes a possibility. Despite the Thukkers normal stance towards conducting semi-legal deals with the Underworld, the total influx of Curse Alliance members must have gone well beyond their tolerance to gain the Thukker's disapproval. As of yet, there are no conclusive reports from either the Thukkers or the CA of the Curse Alliance having made planetfall on any of the Thukker Tribes habitable planets or lunar colonies.

CA council member Capt. Hindgrinder replied to me on the growing concern that many Minmatars have of the Curse Alliance making mass planetfall onto Thukker Tribes Habitable planets....

Hindgrinder - "The Curse Alliance has absolutely no intention of making planetfall on any of the habitable planets within the GW - unless specifically asked to by the inhabitants for medical or humanitarian aid."

It is believed by some that the Thukkers devised a plan to upset the Republic's view of the Minmatar freedom fighters by claiming that they were consorting with CA Amarrian members. But is this really the reason Thukker Tribe reacted the way they did and if so why are they so harshly attacking their fellow kin? The councilmen of the democratic Curse Alliance, Dark Lord XirtamVotf, an Amarrian himself, and Capt. Hingrinder contacted me on this in a joint voice conference and told me what the CA thought of this.

XirtamVotf - "In case you were not aware Morkalum, it has been the charter of this Alliance since its conception that slavery of ANY kind would never be allowed. If a member was caught in the act of slave trading or the use of slaves, you would be found guilty of such acts through gladiatorial combat which in the end, your frozen depressurised body would be taken, then disembowelled and quartered. Your name would be stricken from our mouths, and your remains spread throughout the Great Wildlands as a deterrent to all with similar ideas. That's what I have to say about acts of slavery in the CA."

Morkalum - "Put yourselves in the place of the Thukker Tribe, would you be completely satisfied with losing your quiet traditional life to stations full of CA pilots?"

Hindgrinder - "Bah, have you any clue how much ore we contribute to the Thukkers? Thukker profits greatly by having the Curse Alliance mining and operating in this region. There are more proud Minmatar within CA than in any other alliance. Without the Curse Alliance working out here - Thukker would be overrun with pirates. Instead we keep their minerals flowing and their borders well drawn. After saying that, how much more peace and quiet could they want?"

In the Republic Domain, there are conflicting attitudes of the actions of the Minmatar Freedom Fighters due to the fact that the Curse Alliance has Amarrians among them. There are some private corporations that have declared their disapproval with working among these particular Amarrians to end slavery because its believed if an Amarrian Imperialist is willing to slave others, why shouldn't a "criminal" Amarrian be willing to do the same?

Jet Jagowrath of Elite D.I.S. Organisation, and ex-member of the now crushed GWP, commented to me on the CA Amarrians stating, "I cannot speculate on the number of imperialists within the Curse Alliance, but it would be naive of me to think there are not some. That said, these so called freedom fighters are working within a criminal coalition that I consider to be the single most dangerous threat to peace and stability in the Molden Heath area. A coalition that has within its ranks Amarrian criminals, which only serves to make our said Freedom Fighters look like hypocrites. An organisation that preaches freedom but restricts the movement of innocent Minmatar pilots of a whole area... It has no right to claim, the Great Wildlands as their own".

There are a few corporations within the Republic with opinions that suggest foregoing the knowledge of working with "some" Amarrians who have decided to live outside of the Amarr Empire's influence so long as there were slaves being freed in the process. Xirtic Emarfatem, The Chief Engineer of Enron Energy Consortium and a self-declared Minmatar Freedom Fighter not in the Curse Alliance shared her thoughts about her fellow MFFs.

Xirtic - "I/We, the EEC, support the freedom fighting efforts put forth by Oracle and The Peoples Front of Minmatar, and any others that reside there."

Morkalum - "What are your thoughts of the CA among the MFFs blockading off the Great Wildlands from private enterprises?"

Xirtic - "The Great Wildlands are not considered Empire space. Since the great alliances have started, they have laid claim to these free areas in 0.0 space. And with these claims, they now have to defend the areas that they claim as theirs. SA, NVA, CA, and now even XETIC are having to defend "their" areas from pirates and "enemy" alliances. Do I personally like it? Not really, but the reality is they are all there, they have the means and see the need to defend it. I do not have to go there if I do not want to and I know what to expect if I do."