Press Release: Caldari State Announces Opening of Sign-Up For COLOSSUS Race Series

Continuing its fine tradition of providing State citizens with only the best in sports and entertainment, the Caldari State proudly announces its forthcoming COLOSSUS race series.

It’s months of brutal, no-holds-barred racing action as eight of the State’s biggest and most powerful corporations pit their representatives against each other -- no vessel restricted, no piece of equipment off limits, no tactics forbidden! Kaalakiota racer next to you getting on your nerves? Send some missiles his way! Hyasyoda captain been on your tail too long? Show her what for with your smart bomb! Nothing is taboo – racers do whatever it takes to win.

First, a series of exciting qualifier races will determine who’s worthy of representing their favorite company in the crowning event – The COLOSSUS Final! One hundred devoted pilots will be allowed into the COLOSSUS Qualifiers on behalf of each corporation. Once the grueling series of qualifiers has run its course, a team of only ten brave speed demons will be left to represent the corporation in the Final Race, a Massive Marathon spanning Most Of The Known Universe.

Due to the intensity of the matches scheduled and in the interests of maintaining a level playing field, the State is allowing only pilots of capsule-fitted vessels into the race. This serves the purpose of ensuring that both the quality of the pilot and his equipment is cutting edge, all the way.

Sign up today! Show your loyalty to the Corporations who have made the State what it is, and help to make this the greatest sporting event in galactic history!