Inside The Alliances Part 1: The Phoenix Alliance

This article begins a series of stories about the alliances which make up the political landscape of EVE. With wars being fought and controversy surrounding their very existence, we could think of nowhere better to start than The Phoenix Alliance.

The Phoenix Alliance was officially founded in the early part of the present year by Rona Corp, 20th Legion, KIA Corp, Blades, Oberon, Occassus Republica and The Wolf Brigade. They lay claim to the regions of Venal, Tenal and Branch, and call them home. The Alliance has been at war for the majority of their existence, in what has come to be known as "The Great Northern War". Tonight I had the opportunity to interview Cochise, executor of the alliance, and Frugal, Head of PA's Diplomatic Wing.

Q: What do you feel is the primary objective of your alliance?

Cochise: The Phoenix Alliance is founded on the principles of integrity, honesty, and representative democracy. The PA exists for the purpose of securing the welfare of its member corporations.

Q: Have your objectives changed since you started, and if so, why?

Frugal: Nothing has changed as to our objectives however the means of management are currently in the process of restructure. We are constantly striving to improve the way we operate in order to make us more effective and efficient as an alliance.

Q:Which other alliances do you call friends and which do you call enemies?

Fruagal: Currently we call many Alliances “Friends” however we have an official NAP with Curse Alliance, we also have a treaty in place with FU and NSA as part of the peace agreement reached during the Northern war. The only alliance in Eve we consider our enemy is BOB. There are one or two other alliances that harbour hostility towards us. This is a shame because we hold no animosity towards any alliance that has not attacked us.

Q:How long has the Northern War been going on? You mentioned a treaty as well with Fade and NSA, is the current war more of a Northern War Part 2?

Frugal: The war itself has been going on for about 8 months. It started with around 4 alliances declaring war on us (COD FU NORAD UNICOR) along with several corporations including Evolution, Reikoku and Jericho Faction and a few others. After a few months of war we managed to secure a peace treaty with the 4 alliances that initially attacked us. BOB however continued to fight. As to whether this is the Northern war part 2, not really, from our point of view this has been one long war with good days and bad days.

Q: What, in your opinion, started the Northern war?

Frugal: This is such a contentious question that it is very difficult to answer dispassionately. It is probably fair to say that the war started due to misunderstandings between alliances and the political agendas of some individuals.

Q: Why has the war continued for so long? Have there been any attempts at negotiations, and if so, why do you feel those negotiations failed?

Cochise: We have pursued viable peace, the key words are viable and fair peace. We have talked over each offer and have yet to find them viable or fair. BOB has demanded the total withdrawal from our home. This is not viable. Thus the war continues.

Q: There have been recent reports of corporations leaving your alliance, can you comment on this?

Frugal: This is to some degree natural, in fact the same is true of our enemies and during the war the corporations we have been fighting have changed on an almost weekly basis. Factor in 8 months of war and recent galactic events changing some people's focus, and it's understandable that some corporations would leave the alliance to explore those avenues newly opened by the recent changes in the galactic arena. We remain firm friends with most of those that have left the alliance. It is also true that many corporations have joined the alliance and we have several new applications currently in process.

Cochise: Also, I will add that we regret the loss of our members and wish them the best of luck in the future. However our focus is now turned to our future and what that might bring.

Q: So you would say the recent reports of an exodus from your Alliance are unfair and untrue?

Frugal: I wouldn't go as far as to say exodus, we've certainly lost some members but at the same time we've also gained some.

Cochise: This is as much a battlefield war as it is a propaganda war. We still stand by our principles and intentions.

Q:Where does PA stands now?

Cochise: The PA is in a state of total restructure and house cleaning. We chose to do this as a way to explore the opportunities brought by the new CONCORD / SCC legislatures. To say the least it is and has been a painful process to this point but as our name implies we will rise again with what we hope is a better, more viable alliance.

Q: In Venal?

Cochise: In our Home. So yes, in Venal.

Q: Where do you see PA going in the future?

Cochise: We don’t plan to change our direction or objectives. We will continue to adapt and improve. We will continue to rise and follow the principles that make us the PA. To be clear the rumours of our death are greatly exaggerated as they have always been.

Q: The latest alliance maps show the regions you claim as contested between yourselves and BoB. Do you feel that your forces are a match for theirs and that you can reclaim your claimed space decidedly at any point in the near future?

Frugal: That's how I see it remaining for the time being.

Q: So contested by both sides for the foreseeable future?

Frugal: Yes.

Cochise: Aye.

So, in their own words, the death of the Phoenix Alliance is greatly exaggerated. In time, the future of the north will be revealed, and who in the end will be the controlling influence. For now all we can do is wait and see what happens.