Arcane Technologies spearheads first official Inter Alliance Industrial Cup

Within weeks of Concord recognising the outer rim alliances as sovereign nation-states, Arcane Technologies (ATUK) has organised their first official tournament. In a press release earlier this week, ATUK representative Stan Hyd announced a championship with a difference, the first Inter-Alliance Industrial Cup.

Teams of eight pilots from all of the alliances will be allowed to compete against each other in a loadout-unrestricted, anything-goes battle, the only catch being that industrial ships are the only class allowed to compete.

The competition is to take place on the 9th of January in the notorious system of PF-346. Pilots' teams will start approximately 30 kilometres apart, after which all will come down to their tactics and loadouts.

The unusual nature of this event has sparked interest from all over the universe. Citizens who have become bored with the other “extreme” sports, such as Mind Clash and the deadly combat ship fights see this as a sport with great potential. One sports critic was very excited, saying, “Industrials aren’t often used in combat. I can see each battle getting more interesting as the experimentation with setups becomes more refined.”.

Industrial ships have, however, shown they are more than capable of defending themselves. In an amazing twist of events a few months ago, one pilot successfully managed to track down and destroy an interceptor in nothing more than a Bestower. The actions of that pilot were almost universally congratulated.

The alliances recognised and thus allowed to compete are: Curse Alliance
Fountain Alliance
Firmus Ixion
Stain Empire
The Phoenix Alliance
Northern Star Alliance
Fade Union
New Outer Ring Allied Democracy
Xetic Federation
The Pirate Syndicate
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Forsaken Empire
JQA Alliance
3rd Front alliance

If a team still wants to enter, but are not part of those alliances, they can contact Stizum Hilidii to see if an arrangement can be made. Any corporations wishing to sponsor the event should take the same route.

Applications for entry should be made via eve-mail to Stan Hyd, detailing which pilots are on their team. Closing date for entries is the 2nd of January.
We at the ISD-IC would like to wish any participants good luck and good fun!