Abandoned Immensea stations a source of conflict - CONCORD logs reveal the truth

One month ago, DED - the enforcement arm of CONCORD - activated a hidden spy module in the previously abandoned stations, to monitor their use for the good of the empires. One month ago, the surveillance systems began their collection of usage data - including any claims of ownership and conquest that might come to pass.

Today this information was revealed to a stunned crowd of CONCORD officials and reporters. It would seem that not only had various corporations claimed the stations, but some of them had also been fiercely fought over and some of the stations had exchanged hands many times. Still others had been taken by a corporation and simply held, without anyone refuting their claim. Like stated in CONCORD's initial press release, the stations lie outside CONCORD jurisdiction, and were thus free for anyone to grab - if they had the resources. What follows is a little data collected by DED's spy modules.

Most contended station:

Located in V2-VC2, in the Catch region. Interestingly named "MoSDaL's pimping central" by one of its owners. The station exchanged hands 118 times in the last month, so that name may have been changed as you read this. Currently believed to be held by The Collective.

Second most contended station:

Located in BKG-Q2, in the Branch region. Named "PA DOLLHOUSE" by one of its owners. Exchanged hands 116 times during the last month, and believed to be currently held by Cataclysm Enterprises.

Third most contended station:

Located in G8AD-C, in the Cloud Ring region. Named "Compare our piles" by one of its owners. Exchanged hands 96 times during the last month, and believed to be currently held by SteelVipers.

Of course, some stations weren't fought as hard over. Or were they simply being held by a superior force? This reporter doesn't know.

Longest in possession of one corporation:

C-J6MT IV - Moon 1 - Cloning Outpost , in Insmother. Held by Northern Guerilla Reaver Unit.

Second longest in possession of one corporation:

ZLZ-1Z IV - Moon 3 - Cloning Outpost , in the Vale of the Silent. Held by Forsaken Empire.

Third longest in possession of one corporation:

MO-GZ5 VIII - Moon 2 - Manufacturing Outpost , in Delve. Held by Free Imperial Vikings.

Even that doesn't tell the whole story. Some of the stations were located in systems that were already hotspots. Or perhaps they didn't offer any useful services, in which case they were mostly left alone. However, it is interesting to see what corporations most often took over a station...

In the first place is Evolution , the lethal vagabonds, having taken a station an amazing 136 times, and holding one at the time this is written ("a station" in D7-ZAC).

In the second place is The Collective , veterans of lawless space, who have taken stations 66 times, and currently holding two (V2-VC2, like mentioned above and one in 5-N2EY).

In third place is Omega Corp , with 50 stations taken, but none held at the moment.

Other big names follow closely. Tyrell Corp with 46 times, m0o with 42 times, Dragon Clan and Forsaken Empire tied with 32 times and Shadow Company with 26.

CONCORD officials allegedly debated briefly on the wisdom of making this data public, but are quoted saying "Ah, what's the worst that could happen?"