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SOE Confirms Research into Drifters and Discusses Preliminary Findings

    Thera - The Sisters of EVE confirmed an extensive research effort involving expeditions to the Drifter-occupied 'hive' systems at a conference with selected press today. Following the Scope's reporting of leaked details of SOE research activities in the hive systems in so-called 'W-space', SOE representatives invited the Scope and other news organizations to a holopresence conference netcasted from the Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics in the Thera system. A Sanctuary representaive, Sister [...]

    Leaked Reports Reveal SOE Presence in Wormhole Systems Researching Drifter Technology

      ORVOLLE - Information passed to the Scope by an anonymous source has revealed that an ongoing Sisters of EVE presence in key Drifter-occupied wormhole systems is aimed at researching Drifter technology and behavior. The material, in the form of reports made by research teams to the SOE's Sanctuary research organization, discusses Drifter technology in various fields at length and often contains notes expressing concern, urgency and even alarm as to the nature and scope of the evidence gathered. While [...]

      Drifter Incursion into the Khanid Kingdom

      • YC118-02-16

        The Drifter threat has been ever increasing, with a significant incursion in the constellation of Homroon, with Nandeza, Dimoohan and Baratar being the current focus of the Drifters' attention. Due to the severity of the recent combat it has been difficult to define actual numbers, but it appears that that the Amarr Navy have suffered unprecedented losses in this conflict. At the time of writing, despite being present, the Amarr Navy were clearly unable to defend themselves against the increasing [...]

        Upwell First Citadels Research Drive Ends in "Triumph" as Prize Winners are Announced

          FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Speaking on behalf of the Upwell Consortium today, Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle of Intaki Bank announced the winners of the special prizes being issued to contributors. "I want to first note that the capsuleer portion of the research program has been an absolute triumph! Participation went far beyond expectations and we are happy to announce that our Tier 5 research goals were met. Of course, this means that we will be issuing a Fortizar -class citadel BPC to one lucky [...]

          Upwell Research Race is Ending at Midnight

          • YC118-02-09

            Hello Capsuleers As announced by the Upwell Consortium, if you've been diligently collecting Research Components from the Serpentis to return to the Upwell Consortium make sure you contract them in to Lee Brinalle by 23:59 UTC on February 9, 2016. Any Research Components in contracts created after this time will not be accepted. While most of the prizes in the draw have been unlocked, there is still a Fortizar Citadel BPC remaining to be acquired. If you want to have a chance to win one, keep [...]

            Upwell Consortium Research Component Acquisition to Conclude Midnight

              FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle has announced that the Upwell Consortium's "First Citadels" research component program will come to an end at midnight this evening, YC118.09.02. "I want to thank all those that have contributed and I'm delighted that we will be awarding Astrahus -class citadel BPCs to five participants when we make the final count and carry out the prize draw. Not to mention that stylish Upwell spacewear! However, there is still time for one last push to [...]

              Sisters of EVE Flotilla Spotted In Drifter Hive Systems

                J200727 - Several eye witnesses have contacted the Scope in the last hour, concerned about Sisters of EVE presence in the wormhole systems containing the notorious Drifter Hives. An SOE flotilla has been sighted in J200727, and while this seems an unusual location for SOE operations, this further substantiates a report received by the Scope from an anonymous source. This source claims the Drifters have been researching and constructing new, advanced technology within their wormhole systems and the SOE [...]

                SCC Authorizes Trading in Transneural Skill Extraction and Injection Products

                  YULAI -- Capsuleers are to be permitted to trade so-called "Skill Extractors" and "Skill Injectors" according to a market activity notification issued by the Secure Commerce Commission today. Trade in the transneural skill extraction and injection products - devices said to be capable of "reading out synaptic patterns and laying them down in new combinations with skillbook data" - is to be authorized and controlled from 9th February YC118, under the capsuleer support provisions of the Yulai [...]

                  Upwell Reports Excellent Progress with Research Component Program; Calls on Capsuleers to Redouble Efforts

                    FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle held another press call today, reporting on the progress of the Upwell Consortium's "First Citadels" research component program. Discussing acquisitions so far, Lee Brinalle expressed delight at the range and number of contributions. "We've seen a tremendous effort and our staff have been kept enormously busy processing the contracts so far. The progress has been so good that we've been able to allocate four Astrahus -class citadel BPCs so far. [...]

                    Upwell Consortium Hails Capsuleer Research Effort as Citadel Prototype Construction Resumes

                      FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle provided an update on the Upwell Consortium prototype citadel construction project in a short briefing today. Hailing the efforts of capsuleers supplying rare and sophisticated research components for Upwell's Astrahus -class citadel construction project, Lee Brinalle noted that already she had received enough components to guarantee Astrahus BPCs for two lucky winners in the draw that Upwell will be holding. "I want to thank and commend our [...]

                      Upwell Claims Serpentis Sabotage while Responding to Capsuleer Attacks on Citadel Construction Sites

                        FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Responding to the destruction of prototype citadel construction sites by various capsuleer attackers yesterday, Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle held a press conference this afternoon on behalf of the Upwell Consortium, during which she cited evidence of Serpentis sabotage of the sites' defenses. Speaking from the Intaki Bank Depository in FD-MLJ, Lee Brinalle's statement covered a number of points, including the probable cause of the vulnerability of the construction sites [...]

                        Upwell Consortium Citadel Construction Project Begins Amidst Promotional Extravaganza

                          OURAPHEH - The Upwell Consortium's Citadel product line takes another major stride forward today, as the space industrial giant launches its prototype construction project in five systems of New Eden. In a combined promotional and resources acquisition effort, Upwell are calling on capsuleers, their anticipated primary market, to assist in the collection of research components for use in the construction of the five Astrahus -class citadel prototypes. At a launch event in Ourapheh, held aboard his [...]

                          Upwell Consortium Signs Transport and Communications Deals with Interbus and Impetus

                            X-BV98 - At a press conference held amidst tight security at the Intaki Bank head offices in Syndicate today, representatives of the Upwell Consortium, InterBus and the Impetus corporation announced the signing of comprehensive contracts for transportation and communications technology and services to be provided as part of the Upwell Consortium's Citadel product line. While the deal with Impetus comes as little surprise given that the Gallente entertainment and communications concern is known to have [...]

                            Serpentis Fall Back After Failed Assault On Mining Platform

                              AN-G54 - The Serpentis Corporation appears to be in full retreat after a failed assault on Outer Ring Excavation's largest mobile mining and refining platform resulted in heavy losses for their fleet early yesterday morning. Reports are now beginning to emerge after the removal of a communications blackout that saw the parts of the constellation of Regalia in Outer Ring locked down by Mordu's Legion Command forces contracted by the Upwell Consortium. The fortification and lockdown of several systems [...]