Upwell First Citadels Research Drive Ends in "Triumph" as Prize Winners are Announced

New Eden News | YC118-02-11 - By Lina Ambre

FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Speaking on behalf of the Upwell Consortium today, Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle of Intaki Bank announced the winners of the special prizes being issued to contributors.

"I want to first note that the capsuleer portion of the research program has been an absolute triumph! Participation went far beyond expectations and we are happy to announce that our Tier 5 research goals were met. Of course, this means that we will be issuing a Fortizar -class citadel BPC to one lucky winner."

Ms Brinalle continued by revealing further news on the expansion of the Upwell Consortium. "Before announcing the winners, I would like to welcome two well-established and highly-respected corporations to the Upwell family. The Freedom Extension corporation has, in fact, been most helpful in the course of the research efforts and we look forward to continuing to work with them as our mutual business interests expand. However, this is a double celebration as the brilliantly innovative Propel Dynamics will be joining the Upwell Consortium to work with us on exciting research and development in some rather promising areas. Of course, we can't reveal too much now but I am sure their work will change the face of New Eden one day!"

The news that the Upwell Consortium has attracted two more partners with deep interests in the space industries is sure to make financial and political waves, however Ms Brinalle launched straight into a declaration of the winners of the Upwell "First-Citadels" research program.

"It is our pleasure to confirm that all contributors to the research effort will be receiving the stylish and elite Upwell spacewear, and we look forward to our capsuleer partners displaying for all to see their history-shaping contribution with these clothes. I want to celebrate four lucky winners of Astrahus -class citadel BPCs now. Awarded by random draw from the pool of all contributors these winners are: Aeris Cuprim, Marionne, Ruth Maude and Shinron Sakai. Congratulations to them all!

"Then we come to the Astrahus BPC prize for the largest contribution of research components to the effort. I am pleased to announce this is pilot Naava Edios. We thank her and congratulate her! Finally, in recognition of the triumphant efforts of all capsuleers in meeting our Tier 5 goals, we are awarding a Fortizar BPC by random draw. The winner of this special prize is Dzen Avi. Many congratulations to him!"

Ms Brinalle closed the ceremony by encouraging all capsuleers to visit the prototype construction sites to be found in Ourapheh, Anjedin, Asgeir, Mara and PF-346