Upwell Reports Excellent Progress with Research Component Program; Calls on Capsuleers to Redouble Efforts

New Eden News | YC118-02-05 - By Lina Ambre

FD-MLJ, Syndicate - Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle held another press call today, reporting on the progress of the Upwell Consortium's "First Citadels" research component program. Discussing acquisitions so far, Lee Brinalle expressed delight at the range and number of contributions.

"We've seen a tremendous effort and our staff have been kept enormously busy processing the contracts so far. The progress has been so good that we've been able to allocate four Astrahus -class citadel BPCs so far. We're hoping to be able to allocate a fifth and, if these efforts continue, allocate that special prize of the first Fortizar -class BPC."

Questioned about security concerns raised by various capsuleer organizations, Ms Brinalle responded forthrightly. "I've seen it said that the matter of these research components being in the hands of pirates and other criminals speaks badly for Upwell security. This is nonsense, of course. It should rather be a commentary on the security of those who controlled ORE research establishments before Upwell restored legal title to our Chairman, Yani Sar Arteu. I dare say the Serpentis even exchanged this valuable technology with other pirates in exchange for illegal goods and services. Ultimately, we are enlisting capsuleers as the most efficient recovery and repossession agents we could call on."

Asked to comment on rival capsuleer component acquisition programs, such as that being operated by the well-known surveying outfit Signal Cartel, Lee Brinalle urged co-operation with Upwell. "I would like to say to those with concerns as to the security of the prototype sites that we have addressed the previous vulnerabilities and it is a major concern that large numbers of research components may not be released for use in our efforts. The Upwell Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance is monitoring the situation and we hope that our capsuleer friends will see the benefits of placing any recovered components under our control."

Lee Brinalle closed her remarks with a final call to press the collection effort over the coming weekend. "We would hope for the main effort to be redoubled, not least because we are keen to share Upwell's latest developments in stylish and functional spacewear with the capsuleer community. Not to forget that amazing opportunity to acquire a Fortizar BPC!"