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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

CONCORD reveals key Serpentis locations after Upwell data handover

    YULAI - Using the sizeable reach of the Scope Network's broadcasting service, the CONCORD Assembly has released the coordinates of thousands of Serpentis Corporation installations across New Eden. An unprecedented move and the first of its kind after the Scope Network was granted its independent broadcasting license several weeks ago, the revelation has seen independent capsuleers across the cluster flock to earn the rewards currently placed on offer by the Scope, which include seized Serpentis assets [...]

    CONCORD and Upwell Agree Technology Sharing Deal with Scope Network to Act as Broker

      Orvolle - CONCORD and the Upwell Consortium have agreed a deal on the sharing of technology acquired by the consortium in raids on Serpentis Corporation shipyards and facilities by mercenaries working on its behalf. Notably, the Scope Network will play a key role in the deal, operating as a middleman and broker on behalf of CONCORD, Upwell and other interested parties. The deal is believed to have been reached after an extraordinary intervention by the Scope's founder, FTL communications trillionaire [...]

      Pressure mounts on Upwell to hand over Serpentis data and hardware

        YULAI - The Federation and Republic have added their formal support to a Directive Enforcement Department mandate issued this morning that demands the handover of all seized technology, blueprints and research equipment that were provided to the Upwell Consortium by private military contractors, after a series of raids on Serpentis Corporation assets over the course of the last week. During this morning's hearing following the open Inner Circle session hosted on Tuesday, Federal Intelligence Office [...]

        Total Victory of Tribal Liberation Force Marked by Award of Stripes of Fury Medal

          MATAR, PATOR IV - Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has awarded some thousand Tribal Liberation Force fighters a special medal for their participation in the offensive that has brought total victory to the Minmatar militia forces in the Amarr-Minmatar border warzone. The final holdouts of the Amarr militia fell on YC118.06.19, with the four systems of Gebuladi, Raa, Sirekur and Vimeini changing hands in the culmination of a lightning offensive by TLF forces that claimed some 30 systems in the space of a week. [...]

          Upwell criticized by Inner Circle after Serpentis Raids

            YULAI - The Upwell Consortium has been the target of harsh criticism during an open Inner Circle session on Interstellar Security today. Speaking on behalf of the Society of Conscious Thought, as the Jove Empire delegate to the CONCORD Assembly, Elder Mentor Matshi Raish questioned the motives of the Upwell Consortium after it was revealed that the organization acquired a significant number of blueprints, research components and construction components from raids on several Serpentis Corporation [...]

            Attack On Serpentis Shipyard Confirmed

              FOUNTAIN - The Scope is now able to confirm earlier rumors of an attack on a Guardian Angel capital shipyard in low orbit of Serpentis Prime VII. Initial reports of the strike surfaced several hours ago after a number of distress calls were intercepted and recorded by a Federation Navy Tripwire border posts in the Elerelle constellation of Solitude, however the situation remained unclear until footage of the aftermath began to arrive at the Scope less than an hour ago. Initial holoreel recordings [...]

              CONCORD Confirm Rumors Of Investigation Into Serpentis Fleet Strength

                YULAI - CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department have confirmed investigations into Serpentis fleet capabilities are underway following reports from the Federal Intelligence Office of a military buildup by the renegade corporation. A source within the DED has informed the Scope they are aggressively pursuing the investigation but despite increased patrols across the cluster they are yet to encounter any evidence of so-called "supercapital" tech being operated by the Serpentis. The Scope approached [...]

                Upwell Consortium Members Comment on Federation Concerns Over Serpentis Military Buildup

                  Oursulaert - Upwell Consortium executives have warned that a buildup of Serpentis military forces and potential for increased criminal activity by the notorious Angel Cartel could lead to cluster-wide instability. Meeting for the TechUpCon 118 technology summit and expo at the Chemal Tech Research Center orbiting Oursulaert VI, executive representatives from Upwell Consortium member corporations were relatively open about their concerns, echoing reports from sources within the Gallente Federation's [...]

                  CONCORD Confirms Issue Of Independent Broadcasting License to Scope Network

                    ORVOLLE - The CONCORD Assembly has confirmed the issue of the cluster's first Independent Broadcasting License today, in a joint press conference with the Scope. Speaking on behalf of the Secure Commerce Commission from the Headquarters of the news organization, SCC Operations Director Ryde Froyer congratulated the Scope Galactic News Network on its recognition as the first truly independent news and current affairs broadcasting network in the cluster. Remarking on the network's huge growth in [...]

                    Mercenary Corporations Withdraw from Chandeille as Jin-Mei Civil Conflict Enters Ceasefire Following Capsuleer Aid Efforts

                      Chandeille (Lirsautton V) - The decades long civil conflict on the Jin-Mei homeworld of Chandeille, the fifth planet of the Lirsautton system, has entered an uneasy peace following a ceasefire declaration by Sang Do overlord houses in the resource rich equatorial zones of the planet. Gallente Federation negotiators are believed to have benefitted in their long task of brokering a ceasefire from the recent involvement of capsuleers from the "Villore Assembly" calling for peace and providing [...]