Upwell Consortium Members Comment on Federation Concerns Over Serpentis Military Buildup

New Eden News | YC118-06-14 - By Lina Ambre

Oursulaert - Upwell Consortium executives have warned that a buildup of Serpentis military forces and potential for increased criminal activity by the notorious Angel Cartel could lead to cluster-wide instability. Meeting for the TechUpCon 118 technology summit and expo at the Chemal Tech Research Center orbiting Oursulaert VI, executive representatives from Upwell Consortium member corporations were relatively open about their concerns, echoing reports from sources within the Gallente Federation's intelligence community.

"We're concerned, no doubt about it," said Chemal Tech CEO Boselena Enault in response to questions during an open session at TechUpCon 118. "The Serpentis Corporation is a very capable rogue actor with access to vast resources and some of the most twisted scientific minds in New Eden. Add to that the military capability of the Angel Cartel and the fact that those organizations have had years to hybridize and improve capsuleer level miltech and we certainly have a problem as a civilization. I would wish that CONCORD could openly acknowledge this but they seemingly don't want to as yet. It may be that the private sector will have to take steps to fill the gap."

The Upwell Consortium's security has been in the public eye for many months, with the capsuleer community in particular pressing Upwell for assurances of adequate safeguards with regard to Citadel technology. Director Lars en Ramon of Upwell's Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance, responsible for security policy and support between consortium members, has just returned from a tour of Upwell installations in the outer regions. Although present at closed sessions of TechUpCon 118, Director en Ramon was not available for comment.

Regarding other news, Rhoun Ysatault, CEO of Upwell member and entertainment behemoth Impetus, was upbeat when questioned about the recent announcement of the Scope Galactic News Network's award of the first independent broadcasting license for GalNet operations. "I welcome it. Impetus considers the Scope a partner and we expect that the mutual benefits we have long enjoyed from our commercial relationship will continue in the future."