Total Victory of Tribal Liberation Force Marked by Award of Stripes of Fury Medal

New Eden News | YC118-06-22 - By Alton Haveri

MATAR, PATOR IV - Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has awarded some thousand Tribal Liberation Force fighters a special medal for their participation in the offensive that has brought total victory to the Minmatar militia forces in the Amarr-Minmatar border warzone.

The final holdouts of the Amarr militia fell on YC118.06.19, with the four systems of Gebuladi, Raa, Sirekur and Vimeini changing hands in the culmination of a lightning offensive by TLF forces that claimed some 30 systems in the space of a week.

In a special ceremony at the Grand Caravanserai on Matar, Sanmatar Shakor invoked the once more the struggle for the liberation of enslaved Minmatar everywhere and poured praise on the militia fighters for their efforts in achieving complete domination over the contested zone spanning border constellations in the Bleak Lands, Devoid, Heimatar and Metropolis regions.

Standing before the Chiefs of the Republic's Tribal Council, the Sanmatar read aloud the citation of the Stripes of Fury medal:

"How many times must they try to place our people in chains before they will learn? We do not falter. We do not run. We always rise up and take back what is ours and scream the war cry of freedom! For their foolish oppression of our people, the Tribal Liberation Force has brought them to their knees! On behalf of the seven tribes and the Minmatar Republic, I hereby award you the Stripes of Fury."

While this is the first occasion on which the Minmatar forces have managed to claim the entire warzone, it remains to be seen if their grip will endure for very long. Past experience has shown that the limited warfare envisaged by the CONCORD Emergency War Powers Act will go back and forth according to the fortunes of the empires contending in what some capsuleers refer to as "Pendulum Wars".