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Gardieu sworn in as Speaker of the Chamber

  • YC115-12-31

    VILLORE - Senator Andon Gardieu was sworn in as the new leader of the Gallente Senate yesterday evening, in a ceremony attended by President Jacus Roden, Director Mentas Blaque, Admiral Auvier Bauvon and a number of other key government officials. Broadcast across the Federation, Senator Gardieu was inaugurated by Chief Justice Broyal Alserette, leader of the Supreme Court, and was noted to be bright eyed and visibly smiling as she rested her right palm on the folded Federal banner and recited her [...]

    Andon Gardieu elected to lead Gallente Senate

    • YC115-12-30

      VILLORE - The Gallente Senate announced the results of yesterday's internal election for a new Head Senator this morning, after the 24 hour voting period came to a close. Renvieve Jolousse, interim head Senator for the last 10 days and head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, formally confirmed the results via press release a little over an hour ago. Stepping up from her position as leader of the Senate's Domestic Security Council, Senator Andon Gardieu will assume the role of Head Senator, [...]

      Chief Acassa Midular Sets Out Autonomy Doctrine at Tribal Assembly

      • YC115-12-28

        Pator - The new Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe, Acassa Midular, addressed the Minmatar Tribal Assembly as it began a new public session, earlier today at the Grand Caravanserai on Matar. Making a new chief's declaration before the Tribal Assembly, Chief Midulars's most pointed remarks concerned a restatement of the Minmatar principle of tribal autonomy in which she asserted that "the infringement of the Republic on matters properly the responsibility of a tribe is an infringement on that tribe's [...]

        Senate releases statement regarding State border breaches

        • YC115-12-25

          ALGOGILLE - In a joint statement released by the Office of the President and the Federation Navy this morning, the Federal administration offered an official response to the leak of details from the Operation Highlander after-action dossier regarding a number of illegal breaches of the Caldari Border between the dates of October 6, YC110 and March 10, YC115. In the statement, Grand Admiral Anteson Ranchel confirmed that "a number of missions were planned and executed outside the Federation Navy's [...]

          Minmatar Tribal Assembly Resumes with New Sebiestor Chief

          • YC115-12-22

            Pator - The Minmatar Republic's Tribal Assembly formally resumed its business today, following the selection of Acassa Midular as Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe earlier in the week. Chief Midular has joined the other six tribal chiefs of the Minmatar nation at the Grand Caravanserai and is understood to be meeting privately with her peers before the final public sessions of the assembly. Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor's office has confirmed that Chief Midular will be given the opportunity to make a chief's [...]

            Head of Senate resigns, Federal administration in uproar

            • YC115-12-20

              VILLORE - The Federal Government was left in disarray this morning after Aulmont Meis, head Senator for the Gallente Federation, resigned from his position in the wake of the Highlander dossier scandal. His resignation comes three days after further leaks from the missing Operation Highlander dossier to major news outlets across the cluster, where sensitive information regarding the Caldari Navy's military capability was revealed. The released information also contained details on a number of border [...]

              Sebiestor Tribe Selects Acassa Midular as New Chief

              • YC115-12-19

                Pator - Acassa Midular, niece of slain Chief Karin Midular, has been named as the new Chief of the Sebiestor Tribe, in an announcement made today by Vuld Haupt, spiritual leader of the Sebiestor. It is understood that the Sebiestor council of clan chiefs and tribal elders selected Chief Midular following several weeks of quiet diplomacy between the clans of the tribe. After briefly announcing the decision of the council, Vuld Haupt stated that Chief Midular would be making her first public speech as [...]

                Further Highlander leaks implicate Federation in illegal border breaches

                • YC115-12-17

                  PERIMETER - The Chief Executive Panel reacted with indignation this morning, as further leaks from the missing Operation Highlander after-action report dossier revealed detailed information regarding the offensive combat capability of the Caldari Navy, and implicated the Gallente Senate in the authorization of a number of illegal border breaches. The release of this information appears to confirm that over the course of approximately four years, between the dates of October 6, YC110 and March 10, [...]