Corporations in the spotlight - Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society

This edition's corporation in the spotlight is Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society [.DIX.]

Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society [.DIX.] was founded by BoodaBooda, former Test Alliance CEO. [.DIX.] is a PVP corporation with an active role in the Psychotic Tendencies alliance and an active participant in various alliance operations. They are currently based in the Fade region with ongoing operations against other residents of the area.

BoodaBooda describes the current corporation specialties as "covops camping, gatecamping, small gang, reddit posting, and making gorillions of isk," and elaborated further saying "Basically if anything in Fade shows too much ankle, we kill it."

Despite a need for more capsuleers on the front lines, [.DIX.] recruitment is currently closed with BoodaBooda telling us that "unless you are exceptionally attractive" there is little chance of new capsuleers being accepted into the corporation.

"After our Fade campaign, recruitment will reopen - we mainly look for people with PVP experience who will fit in with our community". Normally they recruit capsuleers with a minimum of 8 million skill points with a decent amount of PVP skill. Growth in a capsuleer's tactical knowledge base when joining Dixon Cox Butte Preservation Society is practically assured.

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