Capsuleer reactions during the Coronation of Empress Catiz I

With over two thousand capsuleers present in the Amarr system on September 28, YC 118.8 during the historic coronation of Empress Catiz I, CONCORD communication relays were filled with comms traffic. We, at Interstellar Correspondents, approached several capsuleers with for their opinions on the coronation ceremony.

Capsuleer Thomas Moroh of BattleHamsters [BHSRR] had this to say

I'm not exactly sure what to expect. Despite the need for action I hope this will actually go... 'peacefully', give or take an odd Bowhead looking for a fight, and the Empire will get stability with a new ruler.

Although the ships used were different, Thomas Moroh eerily predicted the actions of two Providence class freighters owned by Rote Works during the coronation address.

Titus Tallang, a Director of Education at EVE University [E-UNI] offered more formal congratulations to the new Empress.

The University would like offer our congratulations to her highness, Empress Catiz I, on her ascension to the Imperial throne. Though we are a capsuleer organization and do not consider ourselves to be affiliated with any of the major powers of New Eden, we still hold Her Majesty in the utmost esteem and eagerly await her leading the Amarr with the same wisdom and intelligence that she has plentifully demonstrated in her past actions.

Chribba of Otherworld Enterprises [OTHER] was seen at the Coronation site in his infamous 'Veldnaught', the presence of which was recognized by the new Empress during her address. Chribba commented that it "should be a fun event to attend" and remarked "I'm all for the new ruler" in regards to the new Empress.

Imperial Sergeant Chris Vattic of Imperial Dreams [IG] was similarly positive,

I believe Her Majesty will inspire much faith and confidence in her rule. What God has decreed must be.

His sentiments were echoed by numerous other members of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance in the Amarr system's local communication channel during the coronation. As part of her address, Empress Catiz I celebrated the long running Amarr loyalist alliance, along with Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE], whose recruiter, Aldrith Shutaq was seen looking for new loyalists during the event.

Interstellar Correspondents were also able to approach Lysus of Hard Knocks Inc. [HRDKX], a Champion to Aritcio Kor-Azor prior to the coronation address who called the bloodline of the new Empress into question,

An unpure bloodline should have never been allowed to compete in the tournament! How can we truly be the beacon of light if we are ruled by the unpure?! MAKE AMARR PURE AGAIN

Lysus' Paladin class Marauder was destroyed during the coronation address by Amarr loyalists following a sanction from the Order of St. Tetrimon.

Also present in system were numerous Minmatar pilots, who called on the Empress to address Amarr slavery policies. Kujo Minowara of Imperial Guardians [I G] demanded "to know what will your stance towards the Minmatar Tribal Republic be, and what are your words to the Matari people, the free and the enslaved, and the freedom fighters." Although drowned out by the volume of Amarr Victor chants across communication channels, several dissenting voices were heard chanting support for the Minmatar people.

Interstellar Correspondents can also confirm that a bomb threat was received by ISD-IC offices from Sven Holstien, a member of Stimulus [STIM] under the Rote Kapelle alliance. The capsuleer did not have any comments regarding the coronation of Empress Catiz I.

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