Tom Ocilithon and the Mid-Grade Asklepian Epsilon Implant

New Implants Discovered In Serpentis shipyard and research sites

On June 29th, YC115, capsuleers across the cluster began to invade Serpentis sites in the hope of rich rewards spurred on by The Scope news reporting and lucrative rewards offered. The capsuleer Tom Ocilithon was one of the first to get his hands on a Mid-Grade Asklepian Epsilon, one of several implants that were rumored to be held within the sites.

When asked about the circumstances around the acquisition he replied "I'd just like to say that I feel real lucky that one dropped so soon (after entering the site), and that their stats look awesome... I hope everyone tries their hand at getting them. It was relatively easy in an Ishtar, although it was a bit challenging with drones taking aggression".

Since then capsuleers have been able to loot further such implants and started selling them with nice profits in the major trade hubs of New Eden.

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