Alliance Tournament XIV - Team Spotlight: Test Alliance Please Ignore

Welcome to the Alliance Tournament Team Spotlight, where we take a closer look at some of the teams competing in the Alliance Tournament XIV. Today, we are looking at Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST], who has had a team in the tournament before.

TEST has competed in the Alliance Tournament 4 times before - in Alliance Tournaments X, XI, XII, and XIII - every Alliance Tournament since Test Alliance Please Ignore was founded in YC112. In YC117 they reached the semi-finals before being smashed by THE RONIN. In this year's Alliance Tournament, TEST is among the seeded teams that did not have to compete for a place.

TEST's captain Soldarius summarized their past Alliance Tournament performance as follows: "In the past 3 years TEST Alliance Please Ignore has not only participated, but placed in the top 12 twice. We may not be the most skilled pilots around. But under-estimating us is a sure way to lose a match. Knowing this weakness has encouraged us to work on our individual piloting and at least close the gap between our skill level and those of the best teams. We have been practicing non-stop since the Amarr Championships last November in the hopes that the extra effort will pay off this October."

With pilots from defunct alliances such as Camel Empire and Nulli Secunda finding new homes in already-strong alliances such as NC. and Pandemic Legion, things look tough for TEST this year.

TEST is not despairing quite yet, however. According to Soldarius, the team has been practicing a lot more this year and joining in open scrimmages with other Alliance Tournament teams. "My hope is that not only TEST will improve, but other alliances as well." They are definitely learning from their mistakes in last year's

"Do not underestimate us," Soldarius said as a message to the other teams. "We are not as bad as you think we are."

Recordings from previous tournaments:

TEST vs Tactical Narcotics Team (AT XIII, Day 4)
TEST vs Easily Excited (AT XIII, Day 4)

We at the IC wish all teams the best of luck in the upcoming Alliance Tournament!

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