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Empress Catiz I Honors Amarr Loyalist Capsuleer Groups PIE and CVA, and Responds to Petitions

    Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime - Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I has bestowed honors on two longstanding Amarr loyalist capsuleer organisations, the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris and Curatores Veritatis Alliance today, as the celebrations of her second jubilee continue with the honoring of notables and responses to petitions. Notables and petitioneers invited to personal audiences in Ittayim Palace were able to bask in the holy radiance of the Golden Throne and commune with the Empress [...]

    Amarr Empire Celebrates Catiz I's Second Year as Empress with Military Parade

      Dam-Torsad, Amarr Prime - The Amarr Empire held its second jubilee celebrating the reign of Empress Catiz I today, with a display of Amarrian military might. The five-hour display saw all road, air, and pedestrian traffic shut down in the areas surrounding the Grand Square to clear the way for the Imperial procession, which passed beneath Ittayim Palace under the eye of Empress Catiz I. Empress Catiz was joined on the Step of Shahs by Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi, Lady Hamideh Kador, General Momed [...]

      Gallente Royal Destroys Local Divine in Freestyle Verse Exchange, Gets Married

        Caille, Gallente Prime - Observing a several thousand-year-old tradition, reigning Ensi Beatrice Batteuse of the Ensinate of Central Garoun fulfilled her engagement to Doctor Jeras Alaila in the Palace of the Ensiks. Ensi Beatrice was widowed in YC115 after her then-husband suffered complications due to an autoimmune disease during a diplomatic trip. Dr Alaila will assume the title of Ensil Consort, a title indicating a princely husband or wife of a ruling Ensi. The Ensiks of ancient Garoun were [...]

        Ministry of Internal Order Increases Patrols along Border, and in Stations and Major Cities

          Penirgman, Domain - The Ministry of Internal Order has ordered its customs and border control forces to increase patrols in border systems. At the same time, reports from major cities in the Amarr Empire indicate that the MIO has increased its presence on the streets. When approached by the Scope, the MIO spokesman said, "With the dramatic increase in terrorist threats and other border security concerns in the past weeks, and with the Imperial Jubilee celebrations to come, the Ministry of Internal [...]

          Empire Leaders Defuse Situation Due to Timing of Unstable Wormhole Link

            Pator, Heimatar - The Pator and Hilaban systems were briefly locked down by their respective empires' defense fleets yesterday, as an unstable wormhole created a link between the systems with diplomatically unfortunate timing. Both systems' fleets were already enforcing a high level of security due to the ongoing Rogue Swarm Alert coupled with the presence in space of each empire's leader. Empress Catiz I happened to be on a visit to Hilaban's extensive commercial station network, together with a [...]

            Republic Fleet Requests CONCORD Help in Search for Missing Ship in Molden Heath

              Istodard, Molden Heath - The Minmatar Republic Fleet has requested the assistance of CONCORD in search and rescue efforts aimed at locating and recovering a naval vessel that has gone missing in the Molden Heath region. As CONCORD maintains a large presence in the region, the deployment of the DED's Molden Heath Fleet in support of the Republic's own efforts significantly increases the chances of recovering the ship and crew. CONCORD's Colonel Kasiha Valkanir has been assigned overall command of the [...]

              Mordu's Legion Command Announces Departure from Caldari Prime

                Caldari Prime, Luminaire - Mordu's Legion Command leadership on Caldari Prime announced today that they plan to withdraw forces from the Caldari homeworld over the next 12 months. The news sparked concerns as to the future of the security situation on the disputed planet in the Caldari State and Gallente Federation. The process of renegotiating the Caldari Prime planetary security contract has been notably marked by Brigadier General Majima Akuras of Mordu's Legion expressing doubt that the contract's [...]

                "Large Increase in Crew Losses" Says Joint Report by Aidonis Foundation and SOE

                  Yulai - The number of people estimated to have been killed or reported missing due to the loss of space vessels has increased substantially, according to a joint report presented to the CONCORD Assembly by the Aidonis Foundation and Sisters of EVE. The report notes that a significant portion of the "large increase in crew losses" is due to the destruction of capsuleer vessels in unknown regions of space. The new analysis includes the first few months of capsuleer expeditions into Abyssal Deadspace, in [...]

                  Hyasyoda and Kaalakiota Enter Echelon Acquisition Talks?

                    New Caldari Prime - Hyasyoda has entered preliminary negotiations with Kaalakiota for acquisition of Echelon Entertainment, according to a story broken by The Kimotoro Report this morning. Anonymous sources claim that senior Hyasyoda and Kaalakiota executives held a meeting alongside the CEP 's State Industrial Planning Summit held during the Caldari State Workers Union Day weekend. Due to a liquidity crisis in YC115, Kaalakiota chose to sell significant Echelon Entertainment assets. In that sale, [...]