Empire Leaders Defuse Situation Due to Timing of Unstable Wormhole Link

New Eden News | YC120-09-21 - By Lina Ambre

Pator, Heimatar - The Pator and Hilaban systems were briefly locked down by their respective empires' defense fleets yesterday, as an unstable wormhole created a link between the systems with diplomatically unfortunate timing.

Both systems' fleets were already enforcing a high level of security due to the ongoing Rogue Swarm Alert coupled with the presence in space of each empire's leader. Empress Catiz I happened to be on a visit to Hilaban's extensive commercial station network, together with a large delegation of Amarr and Caldari dignitaries, including Lady Hamideh Kador and CBD Corporation CEO Imanima Hinpas.

On the other side of the wormhole link, in Pator, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor was meeting with tribal leaders and military chiefs at Republic Fleet HQ, orbiting the moon of Kulheim. The Sanmatar's Military Council was reportedly discussing the impact of increased capsuleer activity in the Molden Heath region. The Scope notes that CONCORD reported yesterday evening their participation in the search for a ship missing in Molden Heath at the request of the Republic Fleet.

The Republic Fleet issued the following statement:

"On YC120.09.20 at 11:03 NEST, a type A641 wormhole was detected in Pator by Republic Fleet's local spatial-topography monitoring grid. With the system already on high alert, due to an ongoing rogue drone swarming event and the scheduled Sanmatar's Military Council meeting, a response force was dispatched to inspect the wormhole and ascertain its destination.

"At approximately 11:05 NEST, as the response fleet's scouts were preparing to enter the wormhole, an Omen-class cruiser of the Amarr Imperial Navy was encountered as it emerged from the wormhole. Colonel Maleo, in command of the response fleet, quickly alerted Republic Fleet Operations. This resulted in the mobilization of the Matar Defense Fleet and an order to standby for bridging to the 2nd and 5th Regional Fleets. In the event, the situation was rapidly addressed by high-level diplomacy and stand-down orders were issued at 11:20 NEST."

The Imperial Guard issued its own statement:

"The Imperial Guard fleet deployed in guard formation around Hilaban III, Moon 16 on YC120.09.20, was alerted of a new wormhole forming in-system at 11:01 NEST. This information was quickly acted upon by the local Imperial Navy's 302nd 'Good' Omen Squadron, as they mobilized to investigate this wormhole. The Imperial Guard fleet itself redeployed in close formation around the location of the Imperial Throne at that time, as all other local navy squadrons were deployed to take formation around Hilaban III, Moon 16.

"Per procedure, a single ship of the 302nd was sent through the wormhole to determine its destination. This ship, commanded by Captain Ela Sani-Sarum, was greeted on the other side by a large number of Minmatar combat vessels. It was immediately apparent that the wormhole had linked with the system of Damius, also known as 'Pator', in the Rebel Provinces. Captain Sani-Sarum quickly informed Navy Command of the situation. Elements of the Arvachah Naval Wing were despatched to blockade the wormhole alongside House Tash-Murkon security vessels. The situation was resolved by the wise intercession of Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Empress Catiz I."

The lockdown of both systems lasted approximately 20 minutes, after which the wormhole was collapsed by a combined effort of Amarr and Minmatar ships. Responding to a request for comments, a statement in notably conciliatory language was released by the Court Chamberlain's Office:

"In response to the incident occurring around the wormhole linking the Hilaban and Pator systems, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor reached out to the Empress, in an effort to defuse the situation. After a very short but productive discussion between the Empress and the Sanmatar, it was decided that both sides would stand down their fleets, in order to prevent further damage to the fragile relationship that has been built between our peoples over the past few years.

"Furthermore, both Captain Sani-Sarum and Colonel Maleo have been thanked by both the Empress and the Sanmatar for their cool heads during this misunderstanding, allowing this situation to be resolved without bloodshed."