Gallente Royal Destroys Local Divine in Freestyle Verse Exchange, Gets Married

New Eden News | YC120-09-26 - By Ret Gloriaxx

Caille, Gallente Prime - Observing a several thousand-year-old tradition, reigning Ensi Beatrice Batteuse of the Ensinate of Central Garoun fulfilled her engagement to Doctor Jeras Alaila in the Palace of the Ensiks.

Ensi Beatrice was widowed in YC115 after her then-husband suffered complications due to an autoimmune disease during a diplomatic trip. Dr Alaila will assume the title of Ensil Consort, a title indicating a princely husband or wife of a ruling Ensi. The Ensiks of ancient Garoun were subordinate monarchs and princes, usually ruling city-states or provinces of the Garoun Empire. Some of these Ensinates have survived as administrative or ceremonial territorial divisions on Gallente Prime.

In attendance at the wedding were all members of the Ensinate's High Parliament, the Governor of the Morthane Province, Quafe CEO Poire Viladillet, and Ret Gloriaxx of the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx. From farther afield came a delegation each from the Intaki Assembly and Chandeille, plus Sukuuvestaa representative Rauriainen Uetiken.

Family friends and Caille celebrities Jocelin Riccard and Lei Xinyi filled the customary roles as Divine Galas. They symbolically embodied Vinannai and Onbilulus, members of a regional divine pantheon. Anthropologists suggest the marriage ritual originated in Gallente Prime's Age of the Ancients.

Following custom, each Divine Gala challenged each of the fiances to a contest which would prove their commitment. Jocelin, acting as Vinannai, challenged Ensi Beatrice to a freestyle verse exchange with an accompanying background beat. While Jocelin held an advantage due to her professional work in lyric composition for Egonics Inc., the audience applauded and cheered Ensi Beatrice's refrain louder, securing her victory.

As is tradition, the wider Ensinate celebrated the wedding as a public holiday.