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Imperial Coronation Week Ends with Rite of Shathol’Syn and Confirmation of New Royal Heirs

    AMARR PRIME - In the final phase of the most sacred rituals of the Amarr Empire, the noble Royal Heirs of the Imperial Houses of Amarr, who served during the reign of Her Imperial Majesty Jamyl I, surrendered their lives in the Rite of Shathol'Syn tonight. All of Holy Amarr remembers the faith and service of the late noble sovereigns of the Houses of the Privy Council: His Royal Highness Yonis Ardishapur, Holder of Derelik and the Demesne of Ardishapur His Royal Highness Uriam Kador, Holder of Kador [...]

    Catiz I Addresses Capsuleers And Imperial Guard after Historic Day In Dam-Torsad

      AMARR - Empress Catiz I has stirred speculation among political analysts across the cluster after a rousing first public address to the Imperial Guard and capsuleers in orbit of Amarr Prime this evening. Speaking publicly for the first time as head of state on board the Avatar class titan TES Purity , flagship for the Imperial Guard's Throne Worlds Fleet, Empress Catiz spoke of a new era for the Amarr Empire under her rule, with focus on bolstering the strength of the Imperial economy, rejuvenating [...]

      BREAKING NEWS! – Sanmatar Shakor Crosses Imperial Border In Surprise Visit To Amarr!

        LISUDEH - The Office of Press for the Emperor Family has been left speechless in the last few moments, as confirmation has just arrived that Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has crossed the Amarr-Matari border under Republic Fleet escort, and is currently en route to the Imperial capital of Dam-Torsad. An unprecedented and completely unexpected turn of events, the confirmation of the Sanmatar's crossing from Heimatar into the Imperial region of Devoid via the Ammatar Mandate has left both the Amarr and Matari [...]

        Coronation of Empress Catiz I to take place tomorrow in Dam-Torsad

          DAM-TORSAD - Final preparations are underway for the coronation of Empress Catiz I, as a countless number of well-wishers and onlookers flock to the Imperial City in order to observe the historic crowning of the former heir of the Tash-Murkon Family. Set to occur at 14:00 NEST tomorrow in the Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet, the ceremony which is expected to be the most lavish coronation in memory has attracted heads of state, political figures and senior military personnel from across the [...]

          Amarr Third Fleet Admiral Speaks Out On ‘Purity Of The Throne’

            DIADERI - In a surprise move by the Amarr Navy's Office of Press, The Scope was granted an exclusive short notice interview with Grand Admiral Ren Karetta, commander of the Amarr Navy's Third Fleet this evening. Speaking during a short break after an inspection tour of shipbuilding facilities in orbit of Diaderi II, Admiral Karetta expressed his "utter delight" at the news that Capsuleers have taken up arms against Purity of the Throne Insurgents, branding the organization targeting the Imperial Guard [...]

            Imperial Guard confirms rumors of thwarted attack in Throne Worlds

              KEHOUR - Several decks of the Emperor Family Bureau in orbit of the second moon of Kehour VIII remain sealed off to the public this afternoon, after a failed chemical attack against Imperial Guard personnel based on board the station. In a statement released just moments ago, a spokeswoman for the Emperor Family confirmed that "three chemical devices were placed and subsequently detonated around an atmosphere handling and processing plant on board the station's mid-level service deck. This resulted in [...]

              Imperial Guard Tour Dam-Torsad Ahead Of Coronation

                AMARR - Residents of downtown Dam-Torsad were greeted with an extraordinary sight this afternoon, as senior officers of the Imperial Guard, including Commanding Officer General Momed Sarshor, toured a number of routes through the Empire's capital city as part of security preparations for the coronation of Empress Catiz I. Excited citizens took to the fluid routers throughout the early afternoon, posting pictures and holovids of more than fifty officers dressed in specially commissioned golden [...]