Coronation of Empress Catiz I to take place tomorrow in Dam-Torsad

New Eden News | YC118-09-26 - By Lina Ambre

DAM-TORSAD - Final preparations are underway for the coronation of Empress Catiz I, as a countless number of well-wishers and onlookers flock to the Imperial City in order to observe the historic crowning of the former heir of the Tash-Murkon Family.

Set to occur at 14:00 NEST tomorrow in the Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet, the ceremony which is expected to be the most lavish coronation in memory has attracted heads of state, political figures and senior military personnel from across the cluster.

With security activity in the Imperial capital at record levels and the entire Imperial Guard on standby, thousands of foreign dignitaries await the crowning of the next leader of the Amarr Empire, including Gallente President Jacus Roden, FIO Director Mentas Blaque, and more than fifty members of the Gallente Senate.

Dignitaries from various megacorporations are also present, given the strong business relations that Empress Catiz enjoys with the Caldari State. Representatives from the big eight, including the entire Chief Executive Panel have been sighted and rumors are that a number of high profile military figures from the Caldari Navy and State Protectorate are reported to have also been invited to the celebration, along with members of the Inner Circle and leaders of the Directive Enforcement Department.

With Purity of the Throne extremists in full retreat after the relentless efforts of independent capsuleers to stamp their activity out, the coronation is set to go ahead as planned, and it is rumored that Empress Catiz herself will make a public appearance at around 20:00 NEST tomorrow in order to inspect the IAF Honor Guard in orbit of Amarr Prime and address capsuleers from across the cluster.

At this stage, there is no word on attendance from the Minmatar Republic, with the office of Press for the Tribal Council declining to comment on the fanfare across the border.