BREAKING NEWS! – Sanmatar Shakor Crosses Imperial Border In Surprise Visit To Amarr!

New Eden News | YC118-09-27 - By Alton Haveri

LISUDEH - The Office of Press for the Emperor Family has been left speechless in the last few moments, as confirmation has just arrived that Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has crossed the Amarr-Matari border under Republic Fleet escort, and is currently en route to the Imperial capital of Dam-Torsad.

An unprecedented and completely unexpected turn of events, the confirmation of the Sanmatar's crossing from Heimatar into the Imperial region of Devoid via the Ammatar Mandate has left both the Amarr and Matari media in a state of utter confusion, as analysts on both sides of the border attempt to theorize on the outcome of what could become the first face to face meeting of the Amarr and Matari heads of state since the formation of the Minmatar Republic.

While the Empire traditionally offers an invitation for the Matari head of state to attend events of interstellar significance that are hosted within Imperial borders as a courtesy, this astonishing turn of events marks the first time ever that the leader of the Minmatar Republic will have accepted an invitation of this nature, and will also be the first time in the history of the Republic that the Matari head of state has set foot on Amarr Prime.

It is reported at this stage that after almost twenty minutes of confusion at the Ammatar Border, a Republic Fleet convoy of approximately thirty vessels, including a Tempest Tribal Issue carrying Sanmatar Shakor, was granted passage through three Ammatar systems in Derelik before being met in the system of Lisudeh by an Imperial Guard escort.

In what appears to be the extension of an olive branch from the Imperial Armed Forces to the Republic Military, the Republic Fleet convoy was permitted to cross the border into Amarr sovereign space, and Sanmatar Shakor is currently under joint Imperial Guard and Republic Fleet escort to the Imperial Capital.