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Caldari Navy distributes bounties for destruction of Provists

  • YC116-04-25

    Perimeter - The Caldari Navy has distributed the bounties to the capsuleers who participated in the slaying of the renegade 37th 'Octopus' Squadron members who stole over a dozen capital ships from a naval shipyard in Otsasi. In total, 685 Pilot License Extensions (PLEX) were handed out of a pool of 700 available bounties. Two bounties were unpaid, because the corpses of ringleader Kossen Jaikka and lieutenant Verkkomi Obanin were undelivered. Despite this, the Navy is confident the two were slain. [...]

    Provist remnants slaughtered in Usi

    • YC116-04-20

      Usi - Seven Provist Chimeras and one Wyvern were destroyed in Usi by a force of over 1000 capsuleers. The Wyvern, piloted by Kossen Jaikka, was destroyed after a little over an hour of fighting. The Caldari Navy has confirmed kills on all members of the renegade 'Octopus' Squadron members who had absconded with the capital ships, bringing an end to the massive manhunt which has captured attention over the past week. The battle seemed to favor the Provist forces at the beginning, as even several [...]

      Provists escape Taisy due to Pandemic Legion assistance

      • YC116-04-19

        Taisy - Three Provists piloting stolen Caldari Navy Chimeras escaped Taisy after the capsuleer alliance Pandemic Legion protected them from the fleets that had come to destroy them. Numerous capsuleer ships were destroyed, both by the carriers and Pandemic Legion forces, without any Provist losses. After roughly 45 minutes of combat, the Provist forces thanked Pandemic Legion for their assistance, declared their operation complete, and then jumped out of the system to an unknown destination. The [...]

        Two more Provists slain in Torrinos

        • YC116-04-17

          Torrinos - Ina Okonada and Aikabinen Unijila, two Provist commanders piloting stolen Caldari Navy Phoenix-class dreadnaughts, were killed in Torrinos today by a force just shy of 400 capsuleers. Despite the losses, several high-value capsuleer ships were lost in the fighting, including a Tengu and a Kronos. Despite the capsuleer losses, the Provist forces lost even more, as 4 stolen Raven Navy Issues were also destroyed by capsuleer forces. The Caldari Navy is calling the operation a victory, saying, [...]

          Provists routed in Mastakomo

          • YC116-04-16

            Mastakomo - A force of roughly 300 capsuleers captured and killed Saara Humo and Tuohmirasen Oittakko, two of the Provist renegades who stole Chimera-class carriers from the Caldari Navy. The firefight, which took roughly 35 minutes and occured around the stargate to Uchoshi, saw the destruction of dozens of capsuleer ships as they strove to take down the wanted forces. Four additional Scorpion Navy Issues, also piloted by Provist members, were destroyed in the fighting as well. The Caldari Navy is [...]

            Two Provists slain in Okagaiken

            • YC116-04-15

              Okagaiken - Uehuma Inikas and Arano Kokkara, two Provist commanders, were killed by capsuleer forces in the Okaigaiken system. The two were spotted piloting a Phoenix-class dreadnaught and a Chimera-class carrier shortly after 18:00. A force of over 500 capsuleers converged on the system shortly after. In an hour of intense fighting, which saw many capsuleer groups turning on each other seemingly for the bounty rewards, the two were finally slain by their attackers. Additionally, four Raven Navy [...]

              Tsatei Uppas killed by capsuleers in Samanuni

              • YC116-04-14

                Samanuni - Capsuleers located and killed Tsatei Uppas, a former "Octopus" squadron commander and member of the rogue Provist wing that recently absconded with several Caldari Navy capital ships. Uppas, guarded by three other defectors from the "Octopus" squadron flying stolen Scorpion Navy Issues, was downed by a fleet of roughly 200 after a 30-minute firefight around the tenth planet in the Samanuni system. Uppas himself was flying a Chimera. "It is a moment of great justice for the Caldari State," [...]

                Provist Tovas Tagahaiken slain in Akkio

                • YC116-04-13

                  Akkio - Provist commander Tovas Tagahaiken was slain after a sustained firefight in Akkio earlier today. Tagahaiken, one of the Provist militants who had stolen a number of Caldari Navy capital ships, was found in orbit of the third planet in the solar system. Flying a Chimera-class carrier, he was escorted by a trio of stolen Caldari Navy Ravens. Despite a strong resistance from the Provist forces, they were eventually destroyed. CONCORD records show that 815 pilots were involved in the combat, which [...]

                  Caldari Navy announces manhunt for Otsasai aggressors

                  • YC116-04-12

                    BREAKING NEWS - In a statement made from Caldari Navy Headquarters in Perimeter just moments ago, Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado gave details of the largest manhunt in the history of the Caldari Navy. The announcement comes after the release of more information pertaining to the attack in the Mito constellation yesterday morning, during which a number of Caldari Navy capital class vessels were hijacked. Korrado confirmed in the statement that those responsible for leading the attack have been [...]

                    Caldari Navy confirms attack on border region staging facility

                    • YC116-04-12

                      OTSASAI - Rumors of an attack on a Caldari Navy shipyard in the Northenmost constellation of Lonetrek were confirmed this afternoon in a release made by newly appointed Caldari Navy Caspuleer Liaison, Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado. Korrado confirmed that "after a sustained firefight, a number of as yet unidentified assailants were able to commandeer over a dozen vessels, including one Wyvern-class supercarrier and a number of Chimera-class carriers", before stating that "the fate of these vessels [...]

                      Ishukone administrators announce Arcurio takeover bid

                      • YC116-04-10

                        LUMINAIRE - The Ishukone Corporation has revealed the finalization of talks with representatives from Material Acquisiton and the Gallente Senate, with a view to returning the city of Arcurio to Caldari administration. The city, which was heavily damaged during the siege of Operation Highlander and the subsequent destruction of the Leviathan-class Titan CN Shiigeru, remains the only one of the three largest cities on Caldari Prime not under Caldari administration. Allocated to Material Acquisition [...]

                        Ishukone executives called to Chief Executive Panel hearing

                        • YC116-04-07

                          BREAKING NEWS - Nugoeihuvi News has confirmed that the presence of Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola and the corporation's Board of Directors has been demanded in a CEP hearing to take place this evening. The demand, believed to be the first of its kind issued in over two decades, centers around allegations of corruption and inappropriate foreign relations which Ishukone's leadership will answer to in front of the special CEP hearing. Upon issuing the demand, Hein Karnuras, Director of Internal Security for [...]

                          Ishukone actions called into question after further talks with Gallente Senate

                          • YC116-04-04

                            NEW CALDARI - Further unrest was reported in both Malkalen and New Caldari this morning after revelations that Ishukone executives remain in talks with the Federal government on Caldari Prime. The negotiations sparked outrage in the State two weeks ago, but were believed to have been concluded after the unveiling of a monument to lives lost during the conflict for control of the planet early last year. In the wake of continued contact between the Caldari megacorporation and the Gallente Senate, [...]