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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Oiritsuu appointed interim CEO in Kaalakiota press release

  • YC115-07-30

    NONNI - Kaalakiota has announced this morning that Haatakan Oiritsuu, former KK Chief Executive, has been temporarily reinstated to oversee the process of re-stabilizing the corporation. In the statement, read by Oiritsuu herself in front of KK headquarters an hour before the Kimotoro Stock Exchange opened, she pledged to "return the corporation to financial stability after over half a decade of fiscally abusive and negligent rule by the Caldari Providence Directorate." Regarded by many as the face of [...]

    Caldari Constructions to nullify Heth's shares

    • YC115-07-26

      _Piak - _With Tibus Heth a fugitive, Caldari Constructions has announced it will convene a shareholder's vote to nullify his shares in the company. It anticipates this vote will be finalized within a month. Under Caldari Constructions corporate law, an individual who is unable to exercise their duties as a shareholder and has no designated heir or representative to assume control of those shares may have their share ownership nullified by vote. This provision of corporate law is rarely invoked and, [...]

      Impetus facility in Atlanins torched; 7 dead

      • YC115-07-25

        _Atlanins - _An Impetus distribution center burned to the ground earlier today in an act that left 7 dead and 13 more hospitalized. Soon after, Minmatar fringe terrorist group the Bloody Hands of Matar claimed responsibility, issuing a statement saying the attack was revenge for the death of Karin Midular. According to their statement, "The assassination of a Ray of Matar at the hands of foreign powers cannot go unpunished. Our anger will not be quenched until the pain and suffering the Minmatar [...]

        CEP, KK call for Heth's arrest

        • YC115-07-19

          Nonni - Kaalakiota Corporation has been granted a State-wide corporate warrant by the Caldari Business Tribunal for Tibus Heth's arrest on charges of malfeasance, misappropriation and embezzlement. The Chief Executive Panel has similarly announced that Heth is wanted under Caldari basic law for the murder of Admiral Visera Yanala, terrorism, and political extremism stemming from his takeover of the Caldari Constructions Warehouse in Haatomo. Heth is wanted by the Kaalakiota for the theft of vessels he [...]

          Kaalakiota sells further Echelon assets

          • YC115-07-16

            Passari - Kaalakiota Corporation announced today that it has completed an additional sale of Echelon Entertainment assets in its continuing attempt to recover from Tibus Heth's executorship. While the initial auction sold off large chunks of Echelon's more high-profile properties, it retained ownership of numerous lesser known properties. According to records, Echelon has sold off approximately 45% of its remaining assets to numerous corporations across New Eden. After being aggressive in the first [...]

            Caldari Navy Report: Heth assumed alive

            • YC115-07-11

              _Haatomo - _The Caldari Navy has completed its full sweep of the Caldari Constructions Warehouse station in Haatomo and has found no indication Tibus Heth is hiding onboard. Security footage recovered from cameras show Heth boarding one of the ships that was confirmed to have escaped the blockade on June 18th. However, it appears that Heth was injured during the storming of the station by Caldari Navy and corporate security forces, as blood matching his DNA has been found at the docking ring. [...]

              CEP dissolves State Executor position; Provists

              • YC115-07-09

                _New Caldari - _In the wake of Tibus Heth's denouncement as a terrorist and his continued absence, the Chief Executive Panel has declared it will abolish the position of Chief Executor. It has additionally disbanded the Caldari Providence Directorate. The office of Chief Executor, which had been created for and solely held by Tibus Heth, held broad dictatorial powers over the Caldari State. There were some pundits who believed a new executive would be given the role. Instead, the CEP stated, "The role [...]

                Karin Midular Funeral Takes Place on Mikramurka Steppes

                • YC115-07-04

                  Pator - Chief Karin Midular of the Sebiestor Tribe, also known as "The Ray of Matar", was today honored with a traditional chief's funeral in her clan's ancestral lands on the Mikramurka steppes. The funeral was attended by the chief's family, representatives from all the Sebiestor clans, and the chiefs of the other six Minmatar tribes. Sanmatar Shakor attended in his formal role as representative of the Republic's Tribal Council, a body that is collectively the head of state of the Republic. Numerous [...]

                  Republic denies Senate request to join Midular funeral procession

                  • YC115-07-03

                    _Pator - _The Minmatar Tribal Council has turned down a request from the Gallente Senate to allow an official Senatorial delegation to join in the funeral procession of Karin Midular. Midular, known as the Ray of Matar, is scheduled to be removed from the Grand Caravanserai and laid to rest according to Sebiestor customs on the 4th. The Senate had made the request a week ago via private channels, according to a source. "The request was made in completely good faith. Relations with the Minmatar have [...]