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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Sansha's Nation showing signs of revival

  • YC108-07-26

    STAIN - Following early rumours regarding increased probe activity throughout Stain and lower Catch, the once dormant Sansha’s Nation organization has apparently begun to rise from its slumber. Rumours have been circulating between capsuleer alliances and empire corporations alike in the past two months as several pilots reported seeing a build-up in Sansha forces throughout Stain. Recently, a CONCORD scouting expedition to the area confirmed that several ships have been following old Sansha [...]

    Furby Epidemic Strikes Amarr

    • YC108-07-25

      AMARR : Hordes of small furry creatures have been making strange whiny noises, insisting on reading the website of a fictional game. Many religious figures have called it "The beginning of the end", calling on the Amarr navy to bombard the afflicted areas with tachyon beams.

      Tetrimon Grand Master granted sainthood

      • YC108-07-23

        DOMAIN. The Order of St. Tetrimon held a vigil for the late Grand Master Elata Ardo on July 5th at the Theology Council Tribunal station in the Amarr system. During the memorial service Grand Master Groven Horm publicly announced Ardo's elevation to sainthood within the Order, proclaiming him Saint Elata Ardo of Tetrimon. The ceremony was held to commemorate Ardo's death during a dangerous mission to bring Amarrian Holy Scriptures to the Tribunal station from the Gukarla system. Arriving at the [...]

        Caldari Corporation Announces Breakthrough In Jump Drive Technology

        • YC108-07-17

          Earlier this week the Caldari State corporation InoTech Star Drive Solutions announced that they had successfully achieved a breakthrough in the advancement of interstellar jump drive technology. Developed as a part of the ongoing research into the advancement and refinement of interstellar travel, InoTech Star Drive Solutions CEO Dr. Inoki Shotsu described the technology as a "terminal point independent jump drive system - or in other words a jump drive that does away with the cynosural field [...]

          Senior Manager Departs Dark Amarr Creations In Controversial Fashion

          • YC108-07-08

            Yesterday afternoon Thelus Duant, a high ranking manager from Dark Amarr Creations, and several hundred of the corporations work force left their jobs without notice in an alleged dispute with management over the corporations most recent contract. Duant, a project leader with Dark Amarr Creations, reportedly had strong objections to a newly issued contract from the Royal Khanid Navy for the construction of an Archon-class Carrier. Although Dark Amarr Creations has a long history in the construction of [...]

            Daring theft in Outer Ring leaves officials baffled.

            • YC108-07-08

              OUTER RING. Recent ORE-Ishukone trade deals have come to a halt this week, following one of the largest losses of assets in interstellar history. Officials are still trying to determine how several billion ISK worth of minerals carried aboard a Charon-class freighter, owned by Outer Ring Excavations, managed to vanish off the map. The plan was for an Ishukone Watch escort squad to rendezvous with the freighter at the ORE refineries in 4C-B7X. From there, they would escort the shipment back to Ishukone [...]

              New Caldari corporation will offer relaxation services

              • YC108-07-07

                ESSENCE - The newly formed Caldari Pleasures Corporation began acquiring goods, services and personnel from the Oursulaert system last week. The corporation’s founders recently announced their intention of setting up an entertainment and relaxation centre in the Sivala System of the Citadel region. Viga Monten and Grenall Vek started the company with the idea that Caldari business travellers need a place to relax and unwind that will rival even the most luxurious of the Gallente pleasure hubs. Grenall [...]

                Freighter containment field testing fails. Further testing required.

                • YC108-07-03

                  Weekend testing of the cargo containment software has revealed a flaw with the system and the upgrade will not be deployed tomorrow. While the software worked as intended, the potential release of numerous cargo containers presented navigational hazards in simulations where freighters were destroyed. These hazards slowed or even stopped movement through systems and caused communications delays as Gal-Net became flooded with the sudden appearance of container transponder beacons. CONCORD agents were [...]

                  Prominent Republic Fleet captain declared outlaw.

                  • YC108-07-01

                    MOLDEN HEATH. Questions are finally starting to be answered in relation to The Minmatar Republic’s 'Alfhild' Mothership-class vessel that went missing nearly three weeks ago. While initially there was hope that there was no connection between the disappearance of the 'Alfhild' and prominent Republic captain Karishal Muritor, such hope has proven to be in vain. Captain Muritor confirmed his possession of the 'Alfhild' several hours ago. Muritor made his claim by transmitting the following message to [...]

                    Mordu's Patrol Engaged by Unknown Force

                    • YC108-07-01

                      Late last week a patrol force of Mordu's Legion vessels, tasked with removing Guristas elements from several systems in the Pure Blind region, suffered significant losses after being caught in an ambush by an as yet unknown pirate fleet. The five ship patrol fleet embarked from its current base of operations at the Mordu's Legion Testing Facilities in the 5ZXX-K system on a wide pattern patrol through several constellations of the Pure Blind region. The fleet, centred around the Caldari Navy Raven of [...]