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Ice Fields in Inner Empire Regions exhausted, Conservationists up in arms!

  • YC108-06-29

    Concervationists have called for a day of mourning today. Strip mining operations have depleted numerous Ice Fields in high-traffic, high-security Empire regions. Initial reports state these resources will not replenish, and other Ice Fields are in danger of the same fate. "Today is a very sad day, knowing that these once vast stretches of natural ice and beauty are forever gone," said Marcalin Chronet, a noted champion of resource and new Capsuleer protection rights. "How many more fields will suffer [...]

    Idama calls summit to help Placid region.

    • YC108-06-23

      INTAKI V - A little over a month since resigning his position at the University of Caille, controversial Intaki spiritual leader Vremaja Idama called for an open summit to discuss the problems afflicting the Intaki populace of the Placid region. Although attendees were deeply divided about the political future of the region, there was a consensus that economic growth should be the first step toward the revitalization of Placid. The region’s vast and untapped mineral wealth was a large topic of [...]

      Caldari Gaming Commission announces tournament format change and prizes.

      • YC108-06-22

        During a press conference yesterday afternoon, the CGC announced the prizes for the winner and runner ups of the second alliance tournament. The head of the commission, Airas Sukela, also stated a change in the tournament’s format. The new format is known as a bracket or pool format where contestants are divided into eight four-team groups. The first matches are held between alliances of the same group and only the top two in each group will proceed to the next round to compete against alliances from [...]

        Interstellar Starbase Syndicate celebrates its first birthday

        • YC108-06-21

          CATCH – The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate has recently celebrated its first birthday and as part of the celebrations the ISS has returned to neutral standings with all its former enemies. The Interstellar Correspondents spoke with ISS Chairman Count TaSessine about the past 12 months and the future of his alliance. Last June ISS began as one of the first neutral entities in this universe. Its stated goal was to provide “general access to 0.0 for as many people as possible.” From there, as the number [...]

          Lai Dai outbids Ishukone in NMA partnership; ORE deal?

          • YC108-06-19

            DERELIK/LONETREK. The Nefantar Miner Association closed an exclusive multi-billion Isk deal with the Lai Dai Corporation, who outbid Caldari rival Ishukone in the last round of negotiations. "This deal signals yet another step forward for our company," said Adarlur Annuger, CEO of the NMA, "and shows the benefits of inter-empire trade and investment for all parts involved." With megacyte and zydrine demand up by 5.77% in the State during last quarter, "securing cost and supply will allow Lai Dai reach [...]

            Blaque Approval Ratings Rise Amid Harsh Caldari Criticism

            • YC108-06-19

              Press representatives from the Caldari State’s Chief Executive Panel yesterday released a statement on incendiary speeches held in the past month by Gallente presidential hopeful Mentas Blaque, in particular the candidate's May 16 speech at the Gallente Prime city of Hueromont. The Panel leveled harsh criticism at the senator’s speech, calling it, among other things, “a disingenuous display of nationalism.” Senator Blaque was quick to respond, stating in a unicast holofeed interview that “in a [...]

              Alliance Tournament Sign-ups to Commence

              • YC108-06-14

                The official registration period for capsuleer alliances wishing to participate in the upcoming Alliance Tournament will begin today, a spokesperson for the Caldari Gaming Commission has announced. The contest is the second of its kind to be held by the CGC and the first matches are scheduled to commence on the 14th of July. As with the previous tournament the Executor Corporation CEO of those alliances wishing to participate will be required to register on behalf of their alliance at the tournament [...]

                Increased Sansha activity.

                • YC108-06-14

                  STAIN. Pilots of several freelance pod-pilot organizations in the region have reported a slow yet steady increase of the vessel commonly identified as 'probe', in addition to the many kinds of the usually aggressive Sansha Slave vessels normally encountered in the southern regions. According to pilots of a large southern pod-pilot Alliance that wished to remain anonymous, several of these 'probe' vessels were sighted surveying the traffic travelling through former Sansha domains, usually showing a [...]

                  Angel Cartel opens ties with capsuleer alliances

                  • YC108-06-08

                    The long silent and reclusive criminal superpower Angel Cartel has made a major about face in policy this week. Xavier Khun, lead diplomat for the Angels, hosted a reception in the HLW-HP system in Curse, attended by a multitude of diplomats representing capsuleer organizations that operate in the area. "It is our goal to seek a stable are of space which promotes commerce and ensures the safety and security of our borders." said Khun to the assembly, "Those of you who have chosen to reside in our [...]

                    Republic Mothership stolen or missing

                    • YC108-06-07

                      HEIMATAR. The Republic Fleet's ´Alfhild´ Mothership-class vessel is suspected stolen or missing, according to CONCORD´s Bureau of Traffic Control. Although not yet confirmed nor denied by Republic Fleet officials, CONCORD´s BoTC issued a warning today after the ´Alfhild´ performed an unscheduled jump from its official docking premises at the Republic Fleet Testing Facilities Station in the Pator system. According to CONCORD officials, "an initial low-level warning was issued as per the Capital Ships [...]

                      Privy Council orders investigation into Tetrimon temple

                      • YC108-06-06

                        The Privy Council has ordered the Royal Amarr Institute and Hedion University to conduct an investigation into the legitimacy of "historical facts" surrounding the temple of 'God’s Assuring Whisper'. The temple is said to be an Amarrian religious centre which was destroyed during the Moral Reforms. The edict follows last week’s successful recovery of religious artifacts by the Order of St. Tetrimon; believed to have originated from within the ancient temple site. The existence of the relics was [...]