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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

Foiritan Triumphs in Close Race

  • YC108-10-28

    Final election results are in from the Federation: President Souro Foiritan has claimed victory by a narrow margin, beating his opponent, Senator Mentas Blaque, by just a single point. This will make him the first president in Gallente history ever to serve more than one term in office. “I am proud, and I am humbled, to be granted the opportunity to serve this great nation for five more years,” said the President in an address to his supporters, delivered minutes ago from the steps of the presidential [...]

    Race Tightens As Border Region Vote Weighs In

    • YC108-10-28

      According to the latest numbers from the Gallente Electoral Commission, incumbent President Souro Foiritan has gained three points on his opponent, Senator Mentas Blaque, bringing the race to a close two points. The news comes in the wake of a concerted showing of Matari and Intaki immigrants at polls in border regions of the Federation. The cities of Aubruille, Sargai and Sebirouse, the three most populous cities of Sinq Laison, a border region of the Federation, have seen large rallies of Matari and [...]

      Blaque in Lead, Early Numbers Suggest

      • YC108-10-27

        According to early numbers just in from the Gallente Electoral Commission, presidential contender Mentas Blaque currently leads incumbent President Souro Foiritan by a five-point margin. Votes have been fully counted from 233 districts out of 528. An interview with Senator Blaque was aired two hours ago on a popular Gallente feednet, wherein the Senator reaffirmed the driving points of his campaign. “I think Gallenteans should be proud to call themselves Gallente... I, I think that there is such a [...]

        Election Day in the Federation

        • YC108-10-27

          At 12:00 noon EVT today, polls for the Office of the Presidency opened in the five-hundred-twenty-eight voting districts of the Gallente Federation. With the projected turnout approaching 2.5 trillion voters, today’s election is shaping up to be one of the biggest in the Federation’s history. Booths have been opened in every major city and municipality across the Federation, and already citizens are flocking to cast their votes. Sepault Farina, analyst at the Center for Democratic Advance, a Sovicou [...]

          New Foundation Formed to Represent the Academic Community

          • YC108-10-26

            YULAI. Frustrated by the lack of support from university administration officials; professors, researchers, and students have come together to create the Utopian Scholar Foundation – a multicultural academic institution free from the influence of the Empires. The foundation, headed up by Dr. Rolleniae of the University of Caille, seeks to represent students and professors as well as other scholars from across New Eden. It aims to be the voice of those who wish to promote academic interests, regardless [...]

            New Organisation Emerges in Empire Outskirts

            • YC108-10-23

              Late Tuesday evening a group of ships, from the previously unknown Blood Sephrim, entered Amarr Empire space and gave local capsuleer pilots an ideological sermon before losing a vessel in combat with one of the pilots. Just after 1900 galactic standard time Tuesday, a trio of pilots from what they declared to be the 'Blood Sephrim', an organisation unheard of until this point, entered the Kourmonen system of The Bleak Lands region. They immediately launched into a sermon about maintaining the purity [...]

              Unease amongst student population grows.

              • YC108-10-22

                ESSENCE. Throughout the universities of New Eden, a number of student protests have turned violent leading to arrests as tensions rise between students and the administrative bodies regarding a recent resurgence in the desire to leave the control of the four empires, and see the fostering of new inter-empire relationships. In many universities, capsuleer and planet bound students are feeling pressured by the overbearing presence of the university administration boards allowing the politics of New Eden [...]

                Imperial Navy Destroys Tetrimon Installation

                • YC108-10-14

                  In an alarming display of strength last Wednesday evening, a fleet from the Amarrian Imperial Navy, at the behest of the Theology Council, destroyed a large installation belonging to the Order of St. Tetrimon on the fringes of Amarr space. The Navy fleet, comprised of seven Revelation-class dreadnoughts and three Archon-class carriers, was dispatched from the Amarr solar system by Theology Council representative Deacon Lorenzo Azir shortly after 1900 New Eden standard time. Adressing the fleet leader [...]

                  Blood Raider Hub Decimated

                  • YC108-10-05

                    BLEAK LANDS. The Blood Raider hub decimated by Amarrian loyalist forces last Sunday has been described by a Cult of Catechization High Priest as being "just a leftover of their Bleak Lands forces." According to High Priest Delsiah of the Cult of Catechization – who was responsible for the operation – the hub’s Blood Raider personnel had remained in the region and strangely "did not leave in their exodus last year." The Amarrian loyalist forces, lead by a Cult of Catechization fleet and supported by [...]

                    State Denies Recession Claims

                    • YC108-10-05

                      Representatives of the Caldari State’s Chief Executive Panel issued a public statement this morning, refuting several claims recently put forth by noted economist Arvelan Tokaru. In an in-depth article published in respected economic journal The Wiramar Index last Monday, Dr. Tokaru warns that numerous signs indicate the Caldari State may be headed for a major recession. Foremost among these, she claims, are rising unemployment numbers and crippled supply chains stemming from rift trade agreements [...]

                      Blaque In The Lead As Election Day Approaches

                      • YC108-10-04

                        As the Federation shifts into election gear, billions of voters across Gallente space prepare to cast their votes in what looks to become one of the most hotly contested elections in the nation’s history. According to the latest numbers from the Federation’s polling bureaus, presidential candidate Senator Mentas Blaque is currently in the lead with a public support rating of 54% to incumbent President Souro Foiritan’s 46%. This past summer has seen a steady increase in incendiary political speech by [...]