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Mordu infiltrates Serpentis space but avoids conflict

  • YC106-07-27

    A Mordu's Legion task force under the leadership of Muryia Mordu himself infiltrated Serpentis space in the Fountain region yesterday and moved deep into its territory. The task force refrained from any direct conflict with Guardian Angel ships or Serpentis ships. Instead, the task force headed straight for Serpentis Prime in the Phoenix constellation and approached the chemical refinery orbiting the second moon of Serpentis Prime VIII. As the station readied its defenses Mordu's task force halted and [...]

    Mordu’s Legion mobilizing, what is ORE up to?

    • YC106-07-23

      Muryia Mordu, the venerated leader of Mordu’s Legion, has ordered for a full mobilization of the Legion’s forces. According to sources inside the Legion Mordu is putting together a task force with strike capabilities, which he intends to lead himself. Legionaries everywhere are left bewildered by this development as no explanation has followed in the wake of the order. Pilots on leave have been recalled to duty and ships in dry-docks hurried back into service. The biggest employer of the Legion in [...]

      Muryia Mordu arrives safely at his headquarters; region in uproar

      • YC106-07-23

        This morning Muryia Mordu arrived at his headquarters with the bulk of his task force. Despite harassment from the Guardian Angels and one major confrontation only a handful of ships were lost. Mordu wasted no time upon his arrival, he called the leaders of the Legion to an emergency meeting and then proceeded to deploy his forces around the Outer Region in case the Guardian Angels send in a retaliation force. Speculations have been ripe over what Mordu’s mission in Serpentis space was, as it was [...]

        FIO Agents Conduct Fruitless Search for Terrorist Operative

        • YC106-07-22

          Acting on several tips, a squad of FIO agents this morning scoured the Crux constellation in search of UDI operative Henry Foudreal. Combing at least four systems over the course of two hours, the agents found themselves unable to locate the terrorist. "We received a number of reports that he was docked somewhere in the Duripant system," said Agent Joel Brouille, one of the presiding field operatives. "They all came from different enough directions that we saw reason to take them seriously." After [...]

          Reclusive ORE founder meets with leader of Mordu’s Legion

          • YC106-07-20

            Orion Mashel, the founder of the Outer Ring Excavations company, is known for his secluded nature. He never travels outside his fortress-like home in the Heart constellation and very rarely invites visitors. Thus, whenever he meets with someone it is always a point of considerable interest for the press and it is now chewing over what Mashel’s meeting with Muryia Mordu, leader of Mordu’s Legion mercenary corps means. Especially in the light the Legion guards ORE property in the Outer Region. The two [...]

            Federation Places Bounty on Terrorist Operative - Gallenteans Express Discontent

            • YC106-07-16

              The Gallente Federation Security Council yesterday issued a statement detailing a large bounty placed on the head of Henry Foudreal, alleged UDI operative. According to the statement, recent investigations have revealed Foudreal to have acted as main orchestrator in the UDI's foiled attack on the Gallente Frontier Tour Lines resort in Sharuveil three weeks ago. Additionally, the statement details a long list of bombings, kidnappings and guerilla strikes he is believed to have had a hand in. Foudreal's [...]

              Caldari Private Police Forces Lock Horns in Lonetrek

              • YC106-07-15

                Yesterday afternoon saw warning shots fired between vessels from the Ishukone and Kaalakiota corporations' private police forces, the Ishukone Watch and the Home Guard. Reports indicate that at just after 16:00 EVT, a contingent of Ishukone Watch ships appeared near Kaalakiota HQ in Nonni. Failing to respond to hails on open frequencies, Watch forces proceeded to initiate long-range scans of the area, in response to which Home Guard battleships and Kaalakiota sentry guns fired warning shots, ordering [...]

                Jovian Ambassador Concludes Tour of Alliances With Empire Visit

                • YC106-07-06

                  According to the Jovian Directorate's Ministry of Information, Jovian Liaison for Extra-Racial Affairs Misu Baniya yesterday met with representatives from the Coalition of Deklein and the Coalition of Free Stars. These two meetings conclude a week-long tour of the outer rim alliances, undertaken by the famous liaison to, in his own words, "give long-overdue acknowledgment to the incipient nation-states growing on the edges of explored space." According to a press release from the liaison himself, [...]

                  Amarrians complete monumental feat; cathedral safely transported

                  • YC106-07-06

                    The immense Tal-Romon Cathedral has been safely transported piece by piece from Eclipticum to Amarr Prime, where it will be reconstructed on the Amarr continent itself. The cathedral debate pitted the Amarr Emperor Doriam II against the royal heir Catiz Tash-Murkon, who was the previous owner of the cathedral before the emperor confiscated it. Though the Tash-Murkon family did not openly oppose the emperor on the matter it is well known that they supported private efforts to foil the transportation [...]