Jovian Ambassador Concludes Tour of Alliances With Empire Visit

New Eden News | YC106-07-06

According to the Jovian Directorate's Ministry of Information, Jovian Liaison for Extra-Racial Affairs Misu Baniya yesterday met with representatives from the Coalition of Deklein and the Coalition of Free Stars. These two meetings conclude a week-long tour of the outer rim alliances, undertaken by the famous liaison to, in his own words, "give long-overdue acknowledgment to the incipient nation-states growing on the edges of explored space."

According to a press release from the liaison himself, diplomatic contact has been established with the Curse, Fountain, JQA, Stain, Phoenix and 3rd Front Alliances, the Xetic & Immensea Federation and the member alliances of the Northern Alliances Security Treaty (The Fade Union, NORAD and CoD) in addition to the above-mentioned Coalition of Free Stars. All of these alliances have been added to the Jovian Register of Sovereign Nation-states, effectively placing them in the same diplomatic category as the Amarr Empire, the Caldari State, the Gallente Federation and the Minmatar Republic.

Baniya concluded his tour of the alliances by paying a visit to diplomats within each of the four empires. With the exception of the Caldari, who hailed the Jovians' efforts as "admirable," officials from each empire expressed disappointment with the Directorate's decision to add the alliances to their register.

"There is no society, no populace to speak of, no national customs, no real history, no common origin, no language. How, then, can these alliances be thought of as nations? What possible permutation of the definition can give rise to an initiative such as this?" asked Federation Senator Traude Bonailles at a Senate meeting last Saturday. Amarr and Matari officials have, in a similar vein, expressed their vexation at the Directorate's actions.

The Caldari Chief Executive Panel, however, issued statements of a different kind. At a Panel Policy Advisory Committee meeting yesterday Ogas Alfelar, Committee Chairman, stated "Our esteemed friends and allies in the Directorate are fully justified in adding these young nations to their register. Despite a few missing ingredients the fundamental building blocks are there, and we see no reason to further ignore the potential for sovereignty among those who have shown themselves capable of surviving in those dangerous territories. On behalf of the State we wish to welcome the outer rim alliances into the international community."

When asked whether the Caldari State intended to send its own envoys outside CONCORD jurisdiction to establish official diplomatic ties with the alliances, the Chairman stated that it was "a distinct possibility, but one that would require careful planning."