Muryia Mordu arrives safely at his headquarters; region in uproar

New Eden News | YC106-07-23

This morning Muryia Mordu arrived at his headquarters with the bulk of his task force. Despite harassment from the Guardian Angels and one major confrontation only a handful of ships were lost. Mordu wasted no time upon his arrival, he called the leaders of the Legion to an emergency meeting and then proceeded to deploy his forces around the Outer Region in case the Guardian Angels send in a retaliation force.

Speculations have been ripe over what Mordu’s mission in Serpentis space was, as it was obviously neither a raid nor an all out attack. The strange devices used by Mordu’s flagship point to ORE, being a company with deep pockets and steeped in secrecy it has always been an easy scapegoat for conspiracy theorist when it comes to strange occurrences in the Outer Region area. Whether this was a reconnaissance or espionage mission of some sort, as the most popular conspiracy theories declare, is impossible to tell at the moment. But anything that makes Orion Mashel and the usually conservative Muryia Mordu stick their necks out in such a fashion is surely nothing trivial in nature.