Federation Places Bounty on Terrorist Operative - Gallenteans Express Discontent

New Eden News | YC106-07-16

The Gallente Federation Security Council yesterday issued a statement detailing a large bounty placed on the head of Henry Foudreal, alleged UDI operative.

According to the statement, recent investigations have revealed Foudreal to have acted as main orchestrator in the UDI's foiled attack on the Gallente Frontier Tour Lines resort in Sharuveil three weeks ago. Additionally, the statement details a long list of bombings, kidnappings and guerilla strikes he is believed to have had a hand in.

Foudreal's image has been in circulation on the Federation's holovision and advertisement networks since last night. The Federation is promising a reward of 30 million ISK to anyone managing to give clues leading to his apprehension.

President Foiritan, known for populist tendencies and a habit of maintaining contact with his people at a grassroots level, has remained out of the public eye ever since the Elarel massacre nearly three months ago. At those occasions where he has been seen, he has remained laconic and reticent, usually opting to bow out early - behavior which, it seems, has become standard protocol for his staff.

The President has faced criticism from within senatorial ranks these past months, mostly for what senators claim is a "lack of attention to the many and varied problems facing our vast nation" and "an inordinate amount of focus upon matters of terrorism and the UDI at the expense of other pressing social issues such as declining standards of living in the outer systems and increasing marginalization of minorities."

"It is one thing to seek justice for your people," stated Senator Aldous Doucet, Chairman of the Federation's Joint Committee on Social Affairs. "To neglect those very people while doing it is quite another."