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Mysterious Weapons Appearing in Starship Hangars Across the Universe

  • YC106-12-22

    Since noon today, hundreds of starship pilots have reported finding a previously unseen form of weaponry in their hangars, along with a stack of gigantic snowballs. The weapon resembles a standard missile bay, except for the distinguishing fact that it seems to have been retro-fitted in order to accommodate the snowballs in question. Much general bafflement has been expressed at the appearance of these mysterious weapons, with most pilots unable to comprehend how they have come to be in their hangars. [...]

    The Scope Profile: Mentas Blaque

    • YC106-12-20

      The Person: Once described as the most intelligent man in the Federation, but also the most cold-hearted, Mentas Blaque is a political hard-liner of the best, or the worst, sort. It all depends on your perspective. While the Federation has always stood for equality, to Blaque some people are more equal than others. While Blaque has never advocated that the Federation should be for Gallenteans only, he has many times stated that it should be governed solely by Gallenteans. In his view, the Gallenteans [...]

      Capsuleer Idolatry on the Rise

      • YC106-12-20

        In its annual report published yesterday, CONCORD's Communications Regulation Agency (CCRA) revealed a number of intriguing facts about current trends in universal communications. Most notable was the rise in popularity of the GalNet forum, a podium venue for the capsuleer community to bring to light issues of concern to them and their associates. Originally intended as a pure communications vehicle for pod pilots, GalNet has, in the course of the last year, become something more. Last February, in [...]

        Providence host to new elusive pirate threat

        • YC106-12-16

          Pilots in the providence region are being advised to be extra vigilant when travelling, as reports are circulating of a group of as- yet unknown pirates have started to prey on lone ships, travelling on the various backwater routes. Reliable information about these individuals is scarce; however, they are using Minmatar ship designs which have been widely agreed to by pilots who have encountered them. The most commonly sighted ships belonging to the frigate class. More reports are expected, as [...]

          The Scope Profile: Souro Foiritan

          • YC106-12-16

            The Person: In the three years since taking office, president Souro Foiritan has gone from one controversy to another. But he has an uncanny ability to turn adversity into triumph, emerging stronger every time. The Federation is distinctly multi-cultural and Foiritan has been extremely careful never to pick sides or show too much favoritism to one side over another. Thus, he can draw his support from all elements of Federation society; from the Minmatar immigrants to his fellow Intakis to the [...]

            Support changes expected as sign-up draws to a close

            • YC106-12-14

              The candidates for the post of the president of the Gallente Federation are ready to start their hunt for emissaries in earnest. Naturally, all of them want only the very best to act as their emissaries, which prompted them to seek the support of the energetic corporations of the pilot community. The move has met with great success for all the candidates, with dozens of corporations already having declared their support. Now the corporation sign-up phase is drawing to a close, but in the final [...]

              Quafe intern in trouble after mystery theft

              • YC106-12-02

                A bizarre story has filtered out of the Quafe Company. A large shipment of Quafe recently disappeared from the company’s warehouse in the Allamotte system. Dune Mirmueren, a spokesman for the company, has revealed that the disappearance was being treated as a theft, with the prime suspect, and also sole witness, being a lowly intern. A reporter for the Scope managed to speak to the intern, Hared Loudier, before he was whisked away by Quafe officials. According to Loudier, a small wormhole appeared [...]