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CONCORD Makes Revolutionary Statement of Recognition For Alliances as Starbase Components Hit SCC Markets

  • YC106-11-24

    In a surprise announcement at 12:00 EVT today Irhes Angireh, Head of CONCORD’s Inner Circle, declared CONCORD to be in full official support of the outer rim alliances. Further, she stated that official provision had been made for alliances to, for the first time in history, become recorded entities on the level of nation-states. “The last two weeks have been a tumultuous time, with nations, institutions, organizations, even families, split down the middle in disagreement,” said Angireh. “Thusly, in [...]

    Matari Strikes free thousands of slaves, Imperialists outraged

    • YC106-11-22

      Sunday, two weeks ago, Minmatar pilots and their supporters infiltrated Amarr and Ammatar space with a mission. That mission was to strike at the very corporations at the heart of the Amarr empire and free as many slaves as they could find. From reports from the various cells of resistance fighters, the mission was declared a success. Minmatar officials have reported that over 11 thousand slaves were set free and taken into immediate care after only a few hours of intense skirmishes. The slaves that [...]

      Empires escalate deadspace construction as competition heats up

      • YC106-11-22

        All the empires that make up the civilized part of space are putting increased emphasis on deadspace complexes now that the technology behind keeping them secret has been compromised. The empires are keen to keep unwanted parties out of deadspace areas within their borders, and the only way to do that is to occupy them for themselves. This move comes as no surprise, as it is only a matter of time before other factions catch up with the complex technology and start building their own complexes in [...]

        Bloodshed at Minmatar rally sparks militant action

        • YC106-11-20

          As was previously reported, last Sunday saw the Mass gathering of hundreds of Minmatar pilots and sympathisers around the Matari home planet of Matar in the Pator system. Whilst this rally, a protest against the enslavement of a third of the Minmatar race and the legal trade of such slaves even within their own borders, was intended to be peaceful it was marred by sporadic fighting and bloodshed. The first casualty was Dragon Ramirez, who was killed at the hands of a fellow Minmatar because of a war [...]

          The unhackable warp beacons hacked; scientists shamed

          • YC106-11-15

            The deadspace warp beacons, proclaimed as being unhackable by the Caldari scientists that built them, have been hacked. Not by any nefarious government agency bent on industrial espionage. No, the hacker has turned out to be a 17 year old Gallentean girl. The story has been well covered by the Scope. The family of seventeen year old Ladette Russeot was moving to a new home in the Jeon constellation, traveling on a high tech vessel owned by Ladette’s scientist father. Ladette missed her favorite soap [...]

            Archangels' unexpected expedition - officials baffled

            • YC106-11-14

              This Sunday saw one of the largest gatherings of Minmatar anti-slavery campaigners and their sympathisers for a generation. Almost 150 pilots from all over the Galaxy turned up to the planet Matar in the Pator system to protest against the SCC sanctioned trade in slaves that is rife across the galaxy, a practice even allowed within even within the Matari borders, much to the discontent of Minmatar everywhere. The pilots orbited the Matar sculpture located near the planet, planning to make their [...]

              Scavenger Hunt Hijacked By Angel Cartel

              • YC106-11-12

                Tonight's Scavenger Hunt, arranged in the Devoid region by Aurora Vice Admiral Nebulai, took an interesting twist near it's end. Three Arch Angel Cartel members, impersonating the very Vice Admiral himself and two other Aurora members, stole the last can and moved it to a new location. Then, speaking as the Aurora members, attempted to lure the competing pilots to the container for the reward. Several pilots took up the challenge, only to find themselves in the gunsights of the pirates. Even after the [...]

                New 25ers group to fight empire monopoly on deadspace

                • YC106-11-11

                  The 25ers were activists that a little over a century ago fought the empires over the freedom enjoyed by independent pilots. The 25ers, their struggle long since won, then faded into obscurity. But now unidentified activists, believed to be Gallenteans, have revived the old grass-root organization to fight the empires over access to deadspace. The original 25ers group laid the foundation of the independent pilot community, unattached to the empires that fostered them at first. The pioneering work of [...]

                  SCC Starbase Disagreements Approaching Critical Mass

                  • YC106-11-10

                    Over the last few days, the Caldari State and the Amarr Empire have come under fire from various interest groups, who have been exerting tremendous pressure on agencies within these nations to retract their threats of economic sanctions against the ORE Syndicate. As has become widely known, the Caldari State three days ago released a statement proclaiming their intention to institute sanctions against the mining giant for its moves towards making deep-space starbase components and moon mining [...]

                    Infestation under control; deadspace debate rages

                    • YC106-11-09

                      CONCORD has issued a statement declaring that the potential rogue drone infestation has been squashed in its infancy. The infestation was widely feared after the discovery of huge drone hives hidden within deadspace in various locations around empire space. Under the leadership of CONCORD the empires have undertaken a massive clean up operation against the rogue drones, clearing those hives already discovered out. The statement also reveals that the warp beacons used to pinpoint locations within [...]

                      Caldari State Threatens Sanctions on ORE Syndicate – Amarr Empire Follows Suit

                      • YC106-11-08

                        Officials from the Caldari Executive Panel yesterday morning released a statement wherein it was indicated that the Caldari State might impose severe sanctions on the ORE Syndicate, should the Syndicate not back down from its declared intention to release moon mining equipment and starbase materials into SCC markets later this month. According to the statement, “The ORE Syndicate and its administration have shown no willingness to accommodate the Caldari State nor its neighbors in our wish for [...]

                        CONCORD admits to hiding facts regarding infestation

                        • YC106-11-06

                          The Inner Circle of CONCORD released a rare press statement yesterday. The statement confirms the authenticity of the report that was leaked earlier in the week. A rogue drone hive was indeed found recently well within empire space, though the exact location is still held secret. CONCORD officials state that the rogue drones discovered constitute a new breed and their exact nature is still to be determined. CONCORD wants to make sure that these new rogue drones are not capable of spreading their evil [...]

                          Empires Meet With ORE Founder

                          • YC106-11-05

                            Representatives from the four empires yesterday met with Orion Mashel, founder of the ORE Syndicate, along with key ORE administrative personnel at an undisclosed location somewhere in the Outer Ring region. The subject of their meeting was ORE's recent announcement that come November 17th, they would commence SCC-market retail of starbase components and moon mining tools previously available only to empire governments and megacorporations. According to reliable reports, empire representatives were [...]

                            Rogue drone infestation discovered but kept secret

                            • YC106-11-04

                              A report filtered out from reliable sources within the Inner Circle of CONCORD has revealed that a huge infestation of rogue drones was found well within empire space. There is a strong indication that the recently discovered swarm constitutes a new breed of the drones. The leaked report further states that this discovery was made some weeks ago, but has been carefully kept under wrap by CONCORD since. The reason given is that the exact nature of this new breed is as of yet not fully understood and [...]

                              ORE Syndicate To Retail Previously Unavailable Technologies on SCC Markets

                              • YC106-11-03

                                This afternoon the ORE Syndicate announced its intention to begin SCC-market sales and distribution of moon mining equipment, as well as components and building blocks for the construction of deep-space starbases. The type of equipment in question has not, up until now, been made available on open markets due to the immense startup costs associated with its use. According to ORE CFO Nase Bekour, however, the concurrent release of revolutionary new moon mining equipment into the open markets will [...]