Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Revenant Blueprint Placed on Auction

  • YC113-03-20

    S-U8A4, Syndicate - Goonswarm have opened a public auction for a Revenant blueprint. This is the first time a Revenant is being sold on open market. The specific blueprint being sold by Goonswarm Federation was discovered during the Kurala Incursion that occured in Black Rise. The auction starting bid has been set at fifty billion ISK. It will remain open until March 27th at 17:40. GalNet References Auction details Are you affected by the events in this article? Do you have information regarding [...]

    Pilot Modelling Contest Winner Announced

    • YC113-03-20

      Sarum Prime, Domain - On 18.3.113, Revan Neferis has announced the winner of the first series of the Sani Sabik modelling event. Mercy Regard, member of Veto. has been declared winner of the competition. Revan Neferis told her why she was chosen: "You have given us the perfection we were seeking to demonstrate the soul of this event in a Sani Sabik perspective. Your achievement is to be celebrated for your intelligence, beauty inside and out, self-confidence, savvy and a contagious sensuality to [...]

      Northern Coalition Forces Engage SOLAR FLEET in UG-UWZ

      • YC113-03-20

        UG-UWZ, Geminate - On 16.03.113, solar system UG-UWZ, currently under the sovereignty of SOLAR FLEET came under attack from Northern Coalition (NC) Forces. Forces from the NC had previously placed SOLAR FLEET’S station "UG SOLAR MAGIC CASTLE" into reinforced mode (commonly shortened to "RF"), with the station due to exit RF on 17.03.113. Hinata, the Northern Coalition Fleet Commander, explained the engagement and the resistance they encountered in the solar system. "DRF [Drone Russian Forces] didn’t [...]

        CVA Inaugurate New Executor at Imperial Loyalist Summit

        • YC113-03-20

          Kamela, The Bleak Lands - Curatores Veritatis Alliance's [CVA] new executor, Leo D'Green, took his oaths of office at the "Allied Loyalist Summit" on 12.03.113. The summit, organized by Amarr loyalists PIE Inc. was held at a CVA control tower in an unspecified low-security system, with some 140 pilots in attendance. Organizer Rytha Main of PIE Inc said she arranged the conference to "show proper decorum" to CVA's new executor, as well as to promote solidarity between factions friendly to the Amarr [...]

          GrieferGeddon Offers Solace to Miners

          • YC113-03-20

            Rens, Heimatar – GrieferGeddon, the anti-Hulkageddon event, has concluded with an increase in participation and interest. The continued successes of Hulkageddon has caused many industrialists and miners across New Eden to stay docked up during the event for fear of loss of their mining barge. Mechanoid Kryten, founder of GrieferGeddon created the counter-event so that miners could feel a little safer while conducting their work. For the event, Mechanoid Kryten gathered more than 5 billion worth of ISK [...]

            Against All Authorities Settles into Reclaimed Space

            • YC113-03-20

              HY-RWO, Catch - Over the course of the last few months, Against All Authorities [.-A-.] have been successfully assaulting and reclaiming much of their former territory in the regions of Catch and Stain. .-A-. had been evicted from their regions by a combined force comprising of The Initiative. and White Noise. amongst others. Since then they have undergone a time of refreshment, "after the long period of stagnation", as Mutafakaz, long-time member of the Russian Thunder Squad, put it. Many old and new [...]

              Pandemic Legion Attack Z-UZZN

              • YC113-03-18

                Z-UZZN, Querious - On 15.3.11, Pandemic Legion [-100] invaded Z-UZZN, resulting in the Atlas. alliance [ATLAS] owned station, ‘Z-U ATLAS LAZY HOUSE’ being placed into reinforced mode. Public relations Officer for Against All Authorities [.-A-.], bl4xy, explained that they were aware that -100 were forming a fleet but also believed that the station would be saved. He said: ‘We have eyes in their staging system 24/7 so we know when they are forming up. Knowing PL they’ll always come for a fight, win-win [...]

                Pilot Modelling Competition Down to Final Five

                • YC113-03-15

                  Sarum Prime, Domain - A Sani Sabik modelling contest, hosted by Revan Neferis, has judged the field down to a final 5 of 100 original entrants. Announcement of the final winner is expected shortly, along with the distribution of the 2 billion ISK prize fund. As a Sani Sabik event, the contest emphasizes beauty as a sign of an entrant's genetic traits and a model's attitude, history and reputation is therefore also likley to influence the judges. Certain challenges of an undisclosed nature were also [...]

                  IC Exclusive: Clear Skies Series Interview with John Rourke

                  • YC113-03-13

                    In an exclusive interview, Clear Skies creator, John Rourke, discusses his upcoming movie, Clear Skies 3. He also speaks of the time and effort that goes into making the series, plus provides exclusive content for the upcoming movie. John told of how long Clear Skies 3 has taken to create. It was clear that precision and detail has been an underlying principle throughout the process: "It currently stands at 75% done, and I've been working on it since August 2009. Writing the script and testing the new [...]

                    Eve University Director of Education Steps Down

                    • YC113-03-12

                      Aldrat, Metropolis - Dierdra Vaal, Director of Education for the prestigious training institution, EVE University, officially stepped down from her post on March 6th. Dierdra has also served on the first, third and fifth Councils of Stellar Management as Councilperson, Chair and Vice-chair respectively. As the CSM 6 candidate list is finalized, Dierdra insists that she has no current political ambitions and is not currently considering a future run for re-election. She has in fact, stated that the [...]

                      Writing Contest Offers Rare Prizes

                      • YC113-03-12

                        Jita, The Forge - Silver Night, of Re-Awakened Technologies Inc, has announced his second annual fiction contest, offering capsuleers the chance to win a faction battleship and 300 million ISK fitting as a prize for the best story. The rules for the contest state that there must be only "One entry" per capsuleer, the fiction must "not exceed 3,000 words" and that stories "must not center around a pod pilot". As the contest last year was a huge success with more than 120 stories submitted, Silver Night [...]

                        Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

                        • YC113-03-11

                          Y113.02.01 - Y113.02.28 . February was an eventful month in the outer regions. The first two weeks saw what can only be described as a total collapse of the IT Alliance bloc. The alliance was seen to reduce and then altogether cease its attempts to fight back against the invading Deklein Coalition, resulting in the bulk of the Fountain region falling before the end of the 10th, with the last station succumbing to attacking forces on the 15th. Although IT Alliance still holds many stations throughout [...]

                          Sub-warp Racing Venture Announces New Season

                          • YC113-03-10

                            Ikao, The Citadel - Late last year, Julius Rigel, CEO of Sub-warp Racing Venture [SRV], vanished from the public eye. He has recently re-emerged and has revealed the latest season of SRV's flagship series, Impulse Con. For several months, there was no word from SRV regarding future events after the cancellation of the fourth season of Impulse Con. Rigel has now apparently returned for good and is making public appearances to promote Impulse Con YC 113. On the matter of his disappearance, Julius has [...]

                            Hulkageddon IV Concludes with Almost 3500 Kills

                            • YC113-03-08

                              Jita, The Forge - Hulkageddon IV has concluded with an alleged total of more than 200 billion ISK in lost ships. Hulkageddon IV saw slight changes of the rules to inlcude destruction of all kinds of industrial ships including freighters, jump freighters, capital industrial ships, industrial command ships and the Noctis. The most expensive kill recorded was an IT Alliance Anshar, a jump freighter piloted by Blue Halo which was destroyed in the Sagain system and estimated to be worth 6.3 billion ISK. [...]