Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Taking the Fight to Jita

  • YC110-06-28

    Many State Protectorate pilots are content with hiding in Caldari Navy protected systems; many fleets have been spotted loitering around the gates leading to the contested zones. Most of these pilots feel safe in their strongholds and go about their normal day to day activities with impunity. Friedrick Psitalon and his pilots of The Dead Parrot Shoppe, Inc. have decided to disabuse them of this notion. In a daring night-time raid, Friedrick led his small tactical fleet through Perimeter and into Jita [...]

    Bringing Order to Chaos

    • YC110-06-26

      Anarchy reigns in the militia communication channels. No one knows what fleets are active, what they are doing, or who is commanding them. Within days of the formation of their militia, the Caldari had an effective organization. One Gallente pilot is trying to bring the same form of order to the Federal Defence Union. Aegis Commander Remy Valios of Strix Armaments and Defence has been actively seeking corporate CEOs and Fleet Commanders to work with him in establishing a general council. While the [...]

      Amarr Militia Free Ship Give Away

      • YC110-06-26

        Several people have gone to great lengths to support the Amarr Militia in their time of need. Most notable are HuLiGaNkA and DanFraser. DanFraser has been giving away fitted Punishers to any pilot who needs one and HuLiGaNkA has been working to supply DanFraser with the needed modules to fit the ships and is also directing all logistical support for the Militia. DanFraser's background is an interesting one. "Well, I signed up for the militia as soon as I could get the corporation joined up. I was [...]

        First Federal Defense Union Carrier Killed

        • YC110-06-26

          Heydieles - Federal Defence Union carrier class vessel destroyed. In the early hours of the 24th, the State Protectorate fleet commanded by Boromos engaged a Federal Defence Union fleet in the Heydieles system. "[The main Caldari] fleet was out in Old Man Star camping the Villore gate. They had about 80 people...I had intel that there was a 100 man Gallente fleet nearby so I started setting up a fleet to go back his ass I convoed [Boromos] and worked everything out, when I had about 40-50 [...]

          The State Re-Organises

          • YC110-06-24

            Nourvukaiken - The Secretary General in consultation with some of his top advisors has created four Directorates to assist in the running of the State militia forces. The four new Directorates are: Directorate of Strategic Planning [DSP] which will be headed by Drayco Directorate of Economic Affairs [DEA] which will be headed by Asquiro Directorate of Diplomatic Affairs [DDA] which will be headed by Krystal Engle Directorate of State Affairs [DSA] which will be headed by Manela Solaris Each [...]

            Infighting Threatens Militia Stability

            • YC110-06-19

              It has been less than two weeks since the formation of the Federal Defence Union militia and infighting between corporations has already begun. An incident earlier in the week has led to Phoenix Tribe declaring war on Pillowsoft; they are now actively pursuing and attacking their fellow militia members. During a fleet operation headed by Elijah Ghost, a member of Phoenix Tribe and a member of Pillowsoft accused each other of looting wrecks at a combat site; the argument turned ugly when the two [...]

              Fleet Strikes Deep Into Enemy Territory

              • YC110-06-16

                Choonka – A fleet, on a mission from God, set out from Choonka with spirits high. Striking deep into enemy space, they secured several key positions while leaving the local forces running in circles. Darth A3ONZ led the crusade backed up by his Wing Commander Rogue Seven. The small fleet consisted of frigate class vessels and some support vessels. At one time, the fleet was forced to fall back from Ardar due to a large enemy fleet jumping into the system. Several of our brothers and sisters were lost [...]

                Caldari Fleet Annihilated in Tama

                • YC110-06-16

                  Despite even odds, a State Protectorate fleet of almost 80 pilots was crushed this evening by a Federal Defence fleet in Tama. Elijah Ghost's fleet arrived in Tama with only minutes to spare before the State Protectorate fleet warped in on them. Targets were called with confidence and dispatched with ease. Final assessments indicate the State Protectorate lost 75% - 80% of their fleet in this engagement. With losses barely above 25%, the Federal Defence fleet easily won the day. In a disturbing show [...]

                  Amarr Militia Awards Faithful Pilots

                  • YC110-06-15

                    Capsuleers who perform exceptional work for the militia, either by capturing strategic locations, or completing dangerous missions, are rewarded by the organisation with promotions. The prestigious ranks available at the upper echelons of the militia have been established to recognise pilots that strive far beyond their starting rank of Paladin Crusader. In the last 48 hours the first promotions have been issued, giving the devoted few new ranks ranging from Templar Lieutenant, all the way up to [...]

                    State Protectorate Academy Opened

                    • YC110-06-15

                      Nourvukaiken V - State Protectorate Logistic Support On the evening of the 14th the State Protectorate Academy was created with the purpose of helping to educate some of our younger militia members. "The Academy will feature guest lectures by Eve University, the largest and most successful teaching institution in New Eden, as well as lectures by experienced members of the militia." The academy is open to all militia members. If you wish to help as a lecturer or tutor then please contact Arin Nailin. [...]

                      Skirmish In Old Man Star

                      • YC110-06-15

                        Outnumbered almost three to one, a Federal Defence Union fleet of twenty five pilots engaged a State Protectorate fleet in the Old Man Star system. Aaron Mirrorsaver's fleet was assembling in Nisuwa when communications were relayed concerning an inbound Protectorate fleet of at least sixty pilots. Rather than engage the fleet with the fourteen or fifteen pilots at hand, Mirrorsaver pulled the fleet back to Old Man Star and called for reinforcements. By the time the Protectorate fleet reached Old Man [...]

                        Goonswarm Advances Through BND-16

                        • YC110-06-14

                          BND-16 – Earlier this week, Goonswarm launched an attack on the BND-16 system. After knocking out the cynosural jammer in the system, they proceeded to destroy enemy towers around the various moons. Smash Alliance and ROADKILL attempted to stop the assault, but the system was firmly in Goonswarm's hands as of this writing. The fighting in BND-16 started as small skirmishes and escalated to large-scale engagements over the course of several days. Gaining a foothold in the system allowed them to jump in [...]

                          Militia Fleet Goes Out Fighting

                          • YC110-06-14

                            In the few days since the militias were formed many have joined fight to secure Amarrian space, and with this time these capsuleers have been working hard to become a cohesive combat unit. This can clearly be seen by our militia consistently securing more strategic positions per member than any of the opposing factions. Yesterday Wraithstorm continued this effort to improve combat effectiveness by calling out for militia members to join him in forming a fleet “to get the pilots used to flying [...]

                            Amarr and Minmatar Tensions Boil Over

                            • YC110-06-14

                              Several days ago, Amarr loyalists led by Rodj Blake traveled to Pator to urge the Minmatar leadership to restrain from violence. The pleas were not heeded as evidenced by the recent Minmatar attack on the Amarr Empire at Mekhios. The Imperial Navy was able to force the invaders from the Kor-Azor Region of the Amarr Empire and Derelik Region of the Ammatar Mandate. Blake, CEO of PIE Inc., issued a Statement on the matter “I have no idea why they would attack us other than that they are bloodthirsty [...]

                              Inaugral Freespace Summit A Success

                              • YC110-06-13

                                New Eden - On Sunday 1st June the inaugral Freespace Summit and race took place. The summit had been organised by Heartstone a member of Jericho Fraction (JERIC) which is a part of The Star Fraction Alliance (-SF-) , and was attended by some well known capsuleers such as The Cosmopolite and Jade Constantine. View Visual Record For those who could attend in person the summit and the start of the race were hosted in the system that gives its name to the universe in which we live, New Eden , for the [...]

                                The Logistics of War

                                • YC110-06-13

                                  In the continuing conflict between the Amarr Militia and those of the Republic and Federation the necessity for combat pilots is often the first thought on everyone’s mind. However, there is an important role to be played by those not necessarily on the front lines of the war, but rather working to make sure that those pilots fighting are never left in need of modules, ammo, or even a ship. We spoke to members of our militia that hoped to assist in creating a logistical backbone to keep our pilots [...]

                                  State Protectorate Promotions

                                  • YC110-06-13

                                    On 13th of this month due to his continuing dedication and self sacrifice to the State cause, Protectorate Ensign Prescience was promoted to Second Lieutenant. Upon receiving this honour he said "It is one of the finest moments in my career, I felt like a god among men. Which, as a pod pilot, is exactly what I am." One of the most outstanding things about this situation is that Second Lieutenant Prescience is Gallente by birth but Caldari by choice. He said about this "Im exercising my right as a [...]

                                    Securing The Bleak Lands - A Beginning

                                    • YC110-06-12

                                      The CONCORD Assembly’s authorisation of the “Emergency Militia War Powers Act” has lead to capsuleers all over new Eden joining the Amarr Militia in order to support the Empire. Admittedly the numbers of pilots that have joined the militia thus far have been lower than some of the other factions; however those taking up the cause have none the less been effective. In the last two days our righteous pilots have managed to kill more hostile pilots per militia member than two of the three factions. This [...]

                                      Caldari and Amarr Joint Attack

                                      • YC110-06-12

                                        During fleet operations on the 12th, a detachment of vessels belonging to the members of the State Protectorate (STPRO) travelled through hostile space to assist the 24th Imperial Crusade (24IC) in their conflict with the Tribal Liberation Force (TLIB). The STPRO fleet of 140+ vessels joined with the 24IC fleet to make a combined fleet of almost 200 vessels. This joint fleet executed a pincer movement, coming upon the TLIB fleet in Otelen and totally decimating it with only minor losses. Once again [...]

                                        Three All - Tama

                                        • YC110-06-12

                                          On the evening of the 12th, a fleet belonging to members of the State Protectorate (STPRO) engaged a fleet from the Federation Defense Union (FEDEF) in the Tama system inflicting many casualities. Once the battle was engaged it would appear that the FEDEF fleet called for assistance from Red Alliance (RA). RA sent in five carrier class vessels to try to destroy the STPRO fleet, unfortunately for them the Caldari pilots were more than up to the challenge. Of the five carriers that entered the battle [...]

                                          Capsuleers respond to events in Yulai and abroad

                                          • YC110-06-11

                                            The spectacular events occurring in the last 36 hours have left capsuleers throughout New Eden in a state of shock, with many having heated discussions about the rights and wrongs of actions made by factions inhabiting Empire Space. Just hours after the attack on the CONCORD Bureau Station we travelled to Yulai to gather the reactions of pod pilots about the organisations involvement in the day’s events. View Visual Record The local FTL communications channel was abuzz with discussion, with many [...]

                                            Opportunistic Vultures cleared from battle sites

                                            • YC110-06-10

                                              Sahtogas – As the Amarr Navy attempts to rally their forces and regain some co-ordination, reports are coming in of marauding salvagers picking over the broken remains of the Amarr and Minmatar ships at battle sites that have now fallen silent. Amarrian reaction forces arriving at the scene, too late to make a difference, have begun to clear the area of these scavengers. Paladin Major Verinus in charge of one such task force making their way to the front lines gave a brief comment to reporters on the [...]

                                              Trade hub turning into a warzone

                                              • YC110-06-10

                                                Jita - With CONCORD out of commission the Jita System was struck hard by pirates trying to take advantage of the lack of defence for all traders now leaving the biggest trade hub in EVE. Several ships have been reported destroyed outside all stations. The sentry guns guarding the stations have been reported unable to keep up with all aggression taking place and without CONCORD to protect the traders events are rapidly degenerating the Jita System into a warzone on its own. Convoys are being urged to [...]

                                                From Moonraiders to Moonrakers

                                                • YC110-06-09

                                                  War for Profit - On Sunday 1st June, STYX. along with ally Band Of Brothers , made another concerted effort to take the dysprosium moon in Ertoo from Red Alliance. This time they succeeded. STYX. Alliance had made two previous attempts to take the moon but were repelled both times with major losses, including the loss of 2 motherships. This time however, a fleet of approximately 150 vessels entered the Ertoo system and converged on the moon mining array and the supporting tower. View Visual Record Lv [...]

                                                  Gambling Dominates Capsuleer Leisure Time

                                                  • YC110-06-08

                                                    The everyday activities of pod pilots throughout New Eden ranges from combat domination to market control. When these activities become too stale and routine, gambling has become a preferred pastime. We spoke with several pod pilots about the fascination with gambling, as well as those who organise these popular events. The most recent gambling events making a splash in the headlines were the EVE Hold'em Billion ISK poker tournament, and the BIG Lottery’s 5 year anniversary draw. The lottery was the [...]

                                                    Viewing Figures Soar Through Clear Skies

                                                    • YC110-06-02

                                                      Out Of The Blue - In recent days a holovid has been broadcasted that has shattered the markets perception of what makes a popular holoreel. Traditionally reels created for GalNet broadcast or for streaming to in-capsule systems have focused around frantic action and explosions. This has now changed with the arrival of Clear Skies. In development over a course of nearly two years, a small documentary team followed John Rourke and his crew as they went about their business onboard Clear Skies, a tempest [...]

                                                      Moonraiders : Capital Ship Graveyard

                                                      • YC110-06-01

                                                        For the second time in a few days STYX. (STYX.) along with their allies Executive Outcomes (.EXE) have attempted to take control of a lucrative moon in the Ertoo system. The moon is currently being mined by Red Alliance (RA) and according to Tavernier (CEO of R.u.S.H.) "... thats [a] dysprosium moon, and I think you know that income from one moon [is] more than the 10 billion p/ five of such moons - give [enough] money to build [a] titan every month" Apoc77 was one of the mothership pilots, we [...]