Capsuleers respond to events in Yulai and abroad

The spectacular events occurring in the last 36 hours have left capsuleers throughout New Eden in a state of shock, with many having heated discussions about the rights and wrongs of actions made by factions inhabiting Empire Space. Just hours after the attack on the CONCORD Bureau Station we travelled to Yulai to gather the reactions of pod pilots about the organisations involvement in the day’s events.

Station destruction.
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The local FTL communications channel was abuzz with discussion, with many talking about CONCORD’s current situation. Seth Allasatre commented that the organisation had been “caught with their pants down”, while in a private conversation Brzhk expressed his belief in CONCORD’s role as New Eden’s peacemaker: “Really, they were doing an amazing job - not perfect, but what they were representing really makes this action a terrorist attack more than anything else.”

Cruzius expressed his belief that the organisation will get through these troubling times “I think they will get stronger”, and in passing mentioned his surprise at the extent of the Thukker Tribe fleet’s actions: “I´ve read the news in last couple of days, so I thought they would come to get their fellow Matari, but that the attack was that huge... - even a titan was brought to the battlefield - I was shocked”. The Minmatar pilot, Eran Mintor, had mixed feelings about CONCORD, but was very open about his opinion on the achievements of the Thukker Tribe Fleet: “I'm very happy that my Minmitar brethren have united together - the freeing of slaves in the Derelik region is a major success”.

Some pilots were not quite so pleased with CONCORD’s actions, with Himnos Altar having the view that the organisation had failed in its peacekeeper role: “I mean, if they can't defend their headquarters, how are they supposed to be expected to keep the peace elsewhere? And besides, there was that whole Caldari invasion. Isn't their mandate to head that kind of thing off?”. When asked further about the situation with Caldari Prime he was clearly angry: “Where was CONCORD then?!? - The Caldari are ugly, their ships may be powerful, but their invasion of sovereign space is too much. It is my hope that one day, we may drive [them] back...reclaim all the space that is rightfully the Gallente Federation's, and make sure that they take their bad table manners with them!”.

Brzhk, on the other hand, was pleased with the change of circumstances surrounding the Caldari Prime: “well, that's probably a good thing for our citizens there, and it looks like it was a good move, as the Federation didn't really strike back”