Moonraiders : Capital Ship Graveyard

For the second time in a few days STYX. (STYX.) along with their allies Executive Outcomes (.EXE) have attempted to take control of a lucrative moon in the Ertoo system.

The moon is currently being mined by Red Alliance (RA) and according to Tavernier (CEO of R.u.S.H.) "... thats [a] dysprosium moon, and I think you know that income from one moon [is] more than the 10 billion p/ five of such moons - give [enough] money to build [a] titan every month"

Apoc77 was one of the mothership pilots, we asked him if they had managed to win the moon that they were trying to take from RA, "We did this already on Saturday but were not able to finish it, so we gave it another try today." He continued "This time RA was prepared...they had like five gunners on their tower but this didn't worry us much, [but] as soon as they brought the devoter and the cyno, the trouble started. The devoter got a point on me and the dreads primaried me. I survived like two mins, after that they went on to Xinus and killed him as well."

The remains of a mothership following the attack
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During the battle STYX. lost 2 motherships, a Wyvern and a Nyx, the ships and fittings were valued at around 30 billion ISK, numerous other ships were also lost including dreadnaughts, command ships and covert operation ships. The total losses are estimated at over 50 billion ISK.

With such losses it made us ask if STYX. would attempt to take the moon again and if they felt that the losses were worth it, the reply we got was "...cant say yet, but probably...mothership lost like 50 billion today...the moon has to be ours for like ten months and produce to equal the loss."

A local resident of the area ollobrains had this to say about the situation. "There was an attack on a Red Alliance pos by forces allied with [Band of Brothers]...its all over a dyps 32 rarity moon that they all want...lots of pew pew fire fire bang bang and lots of lost caps."

Tavernier from RA informed us that "...some 'citizens' from Aridia provide some value info about exe/bu-fu/styx plans, so we have nice intel about enemy cap fleet." This allowed them to setup a fleet capable of taking out the incoming enemy forces; the fleet was then put on stand-by and 20 hours later they were called into action. They took STYX. and .EXE by surprise and the battle was over almost as soon as it had begun.

Rumours are now rife in the local region that STYX. will make another attempt at the moon, whilst RA are said to be eyeing up a POS in the system that belongs to Southern Cross Alliance.

As always your local ISD: IC reporters will bring you more information as we get it.