Opportunistic Vultures cleared from battle sites

Sahtogas – As the Amarr Navy attempts to rally their forces and regain some co-ordination, reports are coming in of marauding salvagers picking over the broken remains of the Amarr and Minmatar ships at battle sites that have now fallen silent.

Amarrian reaction forces arriving at the scene, too late to make a difference, have begun to clear the area of these scavengers. Paladin Major Verinus in charge of one such task force making their way to the front lines gave a brief comment to reporters on the scene over the system wide frequency via his ship’s communications system stating angrily that the salvagers were "nothing more than opportunistic vultures, picking over the remains of our fallen friends." Soon after clearing the scene his fleet departed the area, leaving a small number of ships behind at the graveyards.

Posted 14:30 GMT