Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Caldari Alliance Championship, the Last day

  • YC107-12-31

    The final battle was held yesterday at midnight between Band of Brothers and Kaos Empire. Before this last fight of the tournament, the two alliances both had to fight their way through the quarters and semi finals of the championship, encountering well known alliances such as Red Alliance, the Five, The R0ck and Tribal Souls. Band of Brothers met Tribal Souls in the quarter finals and quickly took out their support ships leaving only the battleship of Tribal Souls to stand up alone against the [...]

    Caldari Championships, the Second Day

    • YC107-12-30

      The second and third rounds of the Caldari alliance championship were held yesterday and the teams were clearly better matched against each other. Witnessing many thrilling fights and spectacular tactics, we have seen some of the world's most expensive ships being used. The losses are estimated at several billion ISK with still one more day to go. The Rock showed up in the second round using one of the rarest ships in New Eden; the Imperial Armageddon. The Sudden Death Squad stood their ground and [...]

      Caldari Championships, the First Day

      • YC107-12-29

        Yesterday saw the first round of the Alliance Championships. Organized by the Caldari Gaming Commission, held in an undisclosed system. The matches proved to be exiting affairs with sometimes surprising results, stunning competitors, onlookers and gamblers alike. There were five teams who scored a flawless victory against their opponents. The first of those was claimed by the United Confederation of Corporations against the Distant Star Alliance. The second alliance who scored a flawless victory was [...]

        Betting Services Open for Business

        • YC107-12-27

          Tensions are rising as only one day remains until the start of the alliance fighting tournament. Voices have been sounding from all over, trying to guess the outcome of the event, and some teams have been revealed as definite favorites by the public. Ever since their original announcement, the Caldari Gaming Commission has remained quiet regarding the event, only stating that they will release the tournament pairings at 18:00 today. Two large capsuleer corporations have decided to use the opportunity [...]

          Northern allies G and IRON withdraw from the south

          • YC107-12-20

            Last week saw the organised withdrawal of G & IRON forces from the ASCN territories of Impass and Feythabolis, following several weeks of fierce fighting in the southern fringe regions. The conflict, which has in recent weeks seen much coverage and interest on the GalNet communications network, has sparked considerable speculation regarding the reasons for the unexpected move. A number of observers have suggested that the recent capture of an IRON outpost in their home region of Deklein by BOB forces [...]

            Two outposts change ownership in one day

            • YC107-12-12

              Three alliances took over two outposts today in AZN-D2, Feythabolis and in JU-OWQ, Deklein. BoB was responsible for taking control of the outpost located in JU-OWQ, which was owned by IRON. G and Iron took over the ASCN outpost in AZN-D2 after weeks of preparation. The system AZN-D2 has been a hotspot for weeks and every day there were fights between ASCN and the G and IRON forces. G and IRON have laid siege on this system by taking over the starbases owned by ASCN and by building their own. It is [...]

              New Souls for the Paragon and Esoteria Regions

              • YC107-12-11

                If a pilot were to venture into the regions that were once the territories of the Stain Empire, he would be most likely to encounter only death and destruction. The latest pages in the history of the southern regions are indeed ones of conflict and struggle, both political and military. It started with a fratricide war between the Stain Empire and the Stain- Alliance, a conflict amplified by an invasion of northern forces, leading to instability and fractioning. Yet, if the same pilot were to venture [...]

                Mordu's Legion to strengthen its Pureblind position

                • YC107-12-11

                  PURE BLIND. As part of their relocation strategy, Mordu's Legion has recalled its 5th Dreadnought 'Night Stalkers' Task Force to the Legion's HQ in 5ZXX-K, putting the 'Night Stalkers' commander Colonel Akuras in charge of the whole Mordu's Pure Blind Fleet. The highly specialized strike unit was transferred to the Pure Blind theatre "to strengthen the Legion's presence in our claimed space", according to Mordu's Command COO Jasolbold Adralkhan. "Col. Akuras, one of our most respected officers, will [...]

                  Over 230,000 Perish in Slave Transport Betrayal

                  • YC107-12-09

                    ASHAB | Amarr Empire Singed bits of biomass lay stretched over several thousand kilometers of space near the Amarr gate in Ashab this morning. The lives of over two-hundred and thirty-thousand slaves were extinguished as Amarr freighter pilot Darien Dashel violently exploded under the weapons of the Electus Matari (-EM-). Earlier the freighter, part of a rehabilitation convoy carrying recently freed slaves towards new homes and lives of freedom, veered suddenly towards the Amarr home worlds. The [...]

                    Glimpses: Industry

                    • YC107-12-06

                      Many entrepreneurs suffer from difficulties meeting their material or financial goals in the industrial sector. A small collection of others prosper and go on to bigger and better designs as time marches on. What is their secret? How do they accomplish success while others are stunted, and what can be done to change the course of a corporation heading for failure? Many corporations were asked, both large and small. Among the respondents, it was variously stated that some of the key factors appear to [...]

                      ISS Marginis: Outpost shows stability after opening

                      • YC107-12-06

                        Over a month has passed since the opening of the ISS Marginis Outpost on October 26th. The area reportedly has seen little conflict or open disagreements. Dividends have been issued on time, and the commitment to the project continues unabated. Peace, often difficult to attain and sustain, appears to be the result of an open-door and welcoming policy that is keeping the ISS Marginis outpost in operation. Practices of “active diplomacy”, as said by Count TaSessine, involves keeping any piracy or unrest [...]

                        BoB’s day out, a nightmare for Venal residents?

                        • YC107-12-05

                          BoB’s day out, a nightmare for Venal residents? Last night there were an exceptionally large number of pilots surrounding the Venal Region when Band of Brothers decided to relax a little up north. Venal has always been a heavily contested area and lately it has been a central region for the Phoenix Alliance together with their close friends NBSI Alliance and The Forsaken Empire. In the last two months the Five has been flying around the area as well, with nothing else on their mind but the total [...]

                          A Pact in Red Blood

                          • YC107-12-04

                            After the withdrawal of The Five from the south-eastern regions, a rapid expansion of the Red Alliance was witnessed as it both grew in numbers and territory. The new landlords were quickly recognised by many of the non-affiliated residents, and a peaceful transition was possible in most regions. Some, however, chose to break free and claim independence as well as territory, with varied degrees of success. While the Miners With Attitude managed to lay claim to the region of Tenerifis, others were not [...]

                            Uncertainty within the TeddyBears. Possible Disbandment?

                            • YC107-12-02

                              We all know, or at least heard about the ominous and at times ubiquitous pilots belonging to the TeddyBears Corporation. It has recently come to the attention of this reporter that the long standing CEO & Founder of the Teddybears, Zarquon Beeblebrox, has resigned her position in favour of pursuing different aspects and possibilities in her career. I have caught up with Lady Beeblebrox as she was leaving a clandestine meeting between herself and unnamed parties belonging to the upper echelons of [...]

                              Mordu's Legion and Imperium: Tensions Are Mounting.

                              • YC107-12-02

                                This week we saw another sortie of Mordu's Legion forces into Empire space. Just a few nights ago a well-armed expeditionary force ,commanded by Lt. Amlerik Raun, had entered the system of Shenda and proceeded to systematically lock down all the exits and stargates of the system. The aim of the enterprise, according to the second in command, Lt. Kikui Viraki, was to 'contain forces of Imperium Alliance and engage them with extreme prejudice.' Apparently, Mordu's spies have kept a constant eye on [...]

                                Mass Exodus comes out of The Blue.

                                • YC107-12-02

                                  Mass Exodus comes out of The Blue. It is worrying when almost 50% of the founding members suddenly and without warning leave an alliance. This is what happened just a few days ago to The Big Blue Alliance. The Big Blue Alliance was set up shortly after the fall of XECTIC Alliance, set up by a number of the largest industrial corporations within the EvE Universe. With the goals of making lawless space free for all to live and trade. TBB incorporates not only N.A.G.A., one of EvE largest manufacturers [...]