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Scope Network Updates on Leading Capsuleer Contractors

    YULAI - The Scope Network's independent contracting operations continue to attract capsuleers willing to venture out on behalf of the numerous clients offering work through the system. Another update on the leading capsuleer contractors has been issued and names the following as the top ten Scope Network points earners: Alen Asques Muravey Virpio Kamamdzava Tekerava BUISNESSWOMAN Breaking Fast Ardellia Blumenthal DaOpa Sansh Leko Djaren Eldarwing Vrael Zann The Scope Network's current round of [...]

    DED General Praises Capsuleer Efforts Against Serpentis Forces

      YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department have given their first official statement on capsuleer involvement in the eradication of Serpentis research and manufacturing sites during a press conference in Yulai today. The address to the interstellar press began as an update on the DED's assessment of the Serpentis Corporation's military capability, after the revelation that the pirate organization has been secretly working on its own breed of capital class vessels in recent months. During the [...]

      Scope Network Reports On Broker Success

        YULAI - A recent business venture by the newly independent Scope Network has seen capsuleers across the cluster coming to the aid of the empires to earn rewards from the Scope Network. While currently in its infancy, this new trial has seen incredible interest from capsuleers thus far, with capsuleer Kirev earning the highest rated reward from Scope Network contracts within an amazing 48 hours. The Scope Network intend to run this initial service for another 4 weeks and to further reward capsuleers [...]