Scope Network Reports On Broker Success

New Eden News | YC118-07-12 - By Celene Duponte

YULAI - A recent business venture by the newly independent Scope Network has seen capsuleers across the cluster coming to the aid of the empires to earn rewards from the Scope Network. While currently in its infancy, this new trial has seen incredible interest from capsuleers thus far, with capsuleer Kirev earning the highest rated reward from Scope Network contracts within an amazing 48 hours.

The Scope Network intend to run this initial service for another 4 weeks and to further reward capsuleers taking part in this trial, will reward the top ten participants with additional BPCs. Five single-run Vendetta BPCs and five single-run Vanquisher BPCs will be available to those who have aided the empires the most and have earned the most points from Scope Network contracts.

With full Directive Enforcement Department approval, the Scope Network's new brokering system has become incredibly popular among independent capsuleers, with tens of thousands utilizing the system to earn rewards based on everything from gathering industrial and manufacturing resources, through to direct mercenary contracts against local pirate elements.

Currently the capsuleers who have earned the most points via this new venture are: