Scope Network Updates on Leading Capsuleer Contractors

New Eden News | YC118-07-15 - By Celene Duponte

YULAI - The Scope Network's independent contracting operations continue to attract capsuleers willing to venture out on behalf of the numerous clients offering work through the system. Another update on the leading capsuleer contractors has been issued and names the following as the top ten Scope Network points earners:

Alen Asques
Muravey Virpio
Kamamdzava Tekerava
Breaking Fast
Ardellia Blumenthal
Sansh Leko
Djaren Eldarwing
Vrael Zann

The Scope Network's current round of contracts will run for several weeks to come and the top ten participants will be rewarded with additional BPCs upon its conclusion. Five single-run Vendetta BPCs and five single-run Vanquisher BPCs will be available to those who have aided the empires the most and have earned the most points from Scope Network contracts.

As CONCORD re-evaluates the threat level from various organizations and entities across New Eden, it is clear that the usefulness of the service the Scope Network offers is factoring into their calculations. Sources within the DED and the Scope Network have both confirmed that talks between FTL comms giant Semiotique Superluminal, the majority shareholder in the Scope Network, CONCORD and the Gallente Federation are continuing with a view to defining more clearly the operations of the Scope Network.