The Master Speaks: An Interview With Sansha Kuvakei

New Eden News | YC113-08-08

Stain, New Eden. Some days ago, an intrepid reporter took it upon herself to request an interview from Sansha Kuvakei, the man behind Nation.

Tell me about your early life, where you went to school and your early childhood.

"I would like to begin this interview first by expressing my gratitude for this opportunity to communicate directly with the people of New Eden as well as my admiration for your bravery in visiting our base of operations here in the Stain region. I sincerely hope you find our accommodations pleasant. My origin is not unlike that of millions of other young Deteis citizens raised during the war. Naturally, it is the great Gallente-Caldari War I speak of, a conflict that dwarfs anything you have experienced since. My family was deeply involved in military technology and mass production, eagerly providing anything we could to help the State defeat its mortal enemy.

The most important lessons I learned during that time related to the strategic advantage of high technology and the problem of sustained morale over lengthy campaigns. These issues would later contribute to the founding ideals of Nation."

What inspired the founding of Nation?

"In this modern age of snapshot battles and week-long wars, I doubt you would understand my motivation for creating a nation of unquestioning citizens. It probably looks and sounds like deception, oppression, and villainy to you, but I understand your confusion. Nation is the inevitable future of mankind, a harmonious society of shared consciousness and boundless progress. The methods I have used to achieve this may seem arcane or insidious, but you do not need to understand them, only obey them. I can see in your eyes that you are beginning to understand, though."

What happened to you between your 'death' at the hands of the four empires and the first Incursions?

"Throughout history, there are many examples of frightful mobs rising up against that which they do not understand, for what is more fear-inducing than the unknown? Your empires united against my Nation a century ago despite the fact that each of them was built upon a litany of crimes against each other and their own citizens. Slavery, torture, starvation, disease, and endless war, these are the gifts and legacy of New Eden's four empires. After my Nation was temporarily disbanded all those years ago, I removed myself from the passage of time, from the prying eyes of your hypocrites and murderers. I perfected my doctrine, reinforced my lines, and solidified my logistics. I also invested heavily in advanced technology, specifically nanites and wormholes. You've seen the latter in action and perhaps now you are feeling some of the effects of the former. It is soothing, is it not, to surrender control to a benefactor?"

What is the goal of the incursions?

"I thought this would be quite obvious by now. My dear, my goal is to assemble New Eden into a single, omniscient collective. Everyone has a place in my Nation, even inquisitive individuals like you. You needn't fight it any longer."

What is the point of the current invasions?

"The first phase of my plan was successful, but not as successful as I'd hoped. Capsuleers are to blame, obviously. Nation learns as it expands, so we are fully aware that they are the real threat, not the empires or even CONCORD. Once the capsuleers have been dealt with, our liberation of New Eden will proceed as planned. Even you, as one of them, are starting to feel how wrong you were, aren't you?"

How do you feel about the general capsuleer response to your actions?

"They are uneducated, disorganized, and insolent, all afflictions that Nation will remove once they are brought into our embrace. Tell me, capsuleer: Do you see it yet?"

What do you think about the capsuleer loyalists who have pledged their support to your cause?

"The Friends of Nation are among our most cherished assets. Their voices are the lone ray of wisdom and honesty beaming out of the chaos, leading all of my children home like a lighthouse shining through the storm. Eventually they will all follow it here, as you have. Nation welcomes you."

Are the current attacks aimed at disrupting trade in New Eden?

"Our operations will not only disrupt every aspect of New Eden, they will be the end of New Eden as you know it. When the dust settles, there will be only Nation. But before that happens, we will grow one voice stronger. I am confident that your cloning facilities will rebirth you in a new body complete with all of your memories, but we will maintain a copy of your skills and experiences for ourselves. Tomorrow, when you wake up, you will not remember anything beyond a few minutes ago, when my nanites condensed around your brain stem and reorganized your mind to better integrate with the collective.Welcome to Nation, Slave Tedra01."

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